Q&A with Rhett and Jerry Bomar

Grand Prairie, Texas quarterback Rhett Bomar and his father Jerry talked about Rhett's summer plans and the offenses of the schools he's considering in an interview with James Hale Tuesday on WKY radio.

Today, on my radio show, I had a chance to talk with a very tired Rhett Bomar and his father/coach Jerry Bomar about a number of things going on in their football life. Here is the transcript of that interview.

JH: Congratulations for making the Elite 11 Quarterback camp.

RB: "Thanks, that is a great honor for me."

JH: That is a prestigious camp to go to and I know you have been to several camps before, so do you feel this one will be any different?

RB: "I am sure that it will because it will be the just the top quarterbacks in the country and it will be fun to go see all the other guys."

JH: Where is the competition held at?

RB: "I think it is somewhere around Los Angeles."

JH: Have you ever been to Los Angeles before?

RB: "No, I haven't been out there before."

JH: What is a big-time good looking (at least my daughter thinks so) Texan like you going to do in Los Angeles?

RB: "I guess I will play a lot of football and do a little sightseeing. I probably won't have time to do much else besides play football."

JH: What do you think about being rated one of the top 11 quarterbacks in the country?

RB: "That is nice to get that kind of recognition when somebody speaks that highly of you. That makes you feel good."

JH: Will you go in there just to participate or will it become a competition for you?

RB: "I am sure it will be a little competitive. I will want to do better than the other guys. All of the quarterbacks there will want to prove how good they are, so it will turn into a little competition I am sure."

JH: You are not going to any other camps, but you will start taking your unofficial visits soon. Do you know what unofficial visits you will be taking soon?

RB: "I don't really know where we are going to go at this time. I don't think we have fully decided where we are going to go yet. So, I don't want to say anything about that yet."

JH: How are workouts going at this time?

RB: "We started our seven-on-seven drills with Arlington Lamar yesterday and I threw the ball pretty well. Baseball is going pretty well, but we have had a bunch of rainouts and we haven't played many games."

JH: Is recruiting starting to drag for you already? Do you wish the process was over at this point?

RB: "No, I don't really care about it much right now as I am just having fun. I am not tired of it yet, but I am sure it could get tired as the process drags on like later in the year and stuff. Right now it doesn't really bother me or anything."

JH: What is your gameplan for when you want to make a decision?

RB: "I really have no clue. It could anytime from now until February. I really don't know what I am going to do, so I really can't say when I feel I am going to make a decision."

JH: Are the same schools involved at this point?

RB: "Yes, the very same schools. I really don't want to list them all at this time, but it is the same ones that we have been talking about. There is about five or six."

(Now we turn the interview over to Jerry Bomar)

JH: What do you think about Rhett going to the Elite 11 camp?

JB: "I think it is really a nice goal accomplished of his. It has been a goal of his the last couple of years since he became aware of that camp. It is good because it means that he is a nationally recognized player and you can't ask any more than that."

JH: The style of offense of what college you choose is important to you and I would like your opinion on some of the offenses that you are considering. Can we start with Oklahoma?

JB: "What I saw in the Spring I think Oklahoma is going to shock a lot of people offensively, because they have gotten away from the dink-and-dunk offense and they are really going to multiple formations and are really throwing the football down field. They are very similar to what we like to see in an offense. Their tight end is no longer lining up on the right side all the time. I think the scheme is much improved."

JH: What about Texas?

JB: "Texas has a pro-style offense that is a very complicated offense verbage-wise. They run a lot of formations like they do in the pros and run all kinds of substitution packages. They are a little bit different in that they are under the center more than they are the shotgun. It is still a good offense and a balanced offense built around 50-50 run-pass ratio."

JH: What about Tennessee?

JB: "They are similar to what Texas is on offense. They have probably gotten away form the run over the last couple of years. They are still a balanced offense somewhat, but they will throw the ball down the field."

JH: What about Florida State?

JB: "They are a very pro-style offense. They have a mixture of one and two running backs. They are similar to what Rhett does here in the shotgun. They have become more passing oriented it seems like, but they are a wide open style of attack."

JH: What about Miami?

JB: "They are a school that definitely prides itself on being a pro-style offense that prepares kids to play pro football. They are similar to Texas and Tennessee offensively, and Florida State for that matter, because of the I-formation and the way they run the football. So, it is a balanced pro-style attack."

JH: Considering Rhett's talents, what would be the prototypical offense that you would like to see him fit into to?

JB: "I think he has to be in one that is quarterback oriented and not tailback oriented. I think he needs to be in one that is going to throw the football at least 60 percent of the time, but you don't want to get to heavy on the throwing because then it becomes a little to one-sided. I think for a quarterback to be successful on any level he should be in a balanced offense that can run and throw the football. The great schools all do that well."

JH: Don't you also want a team that has some quarterback run game?

JB: "You can't get carried away too much with the quarterback running the ball downfield. Those guys on defense are going to knock his head off if he runs the ball too much. He won't be standing up very long. However, I think the quarterback needs to have the ability to take off and make plays with his feet when things break down. I think that is crucial and an offense must have some things designed for him to be able to do that, or to run the ball enough to keep the defense off-balance. We are looking for an offense that will keep the quarterback balanced, but let him throw the football at least half the time in every game."

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