RECRUITING: Is McAdams' verbal still solid?

Leander, Texas offensive lineman Randy McAdams talks about his first trip to Norman


JH: You left OU's camp a day early. What happened?

RM: "I just got a little sprained ankle, but it is nothing serious. I couldn't have continued in the camp, but it is getting better now. It is still a little sore, but again it is getting better now."

JH: Is there any reason why you left without telling the OU coaches?

RM: "We went up there and we were only going to stay Sunday and Monday because my parents had to go to work on Tuesday. That morning my ankle hurt very badly and I couldn't even walk on it. My dad told me that I needed to talk to Coach Wilson before I left, but when we went up to the equipment room to turn in my stuff he wasn't around the football offices at that time. The equipment people tried to call him, but couldn't get hold of them so we had to just leave him a message and tell him what our situation was. I wish we would have had more time so that we would have stayed that second day, but once I got hurt we made a decision that it was best for us to go ahead and head back home."

JH: So what did you think about your first trip to Norman?

RM: "It was everything that I thought Oklahoma was supposed to be and everything that I thought it would be. I met most of the coaches and they were great. I think there were a couple that we missed, but I will catch them the next time I go back up there. I met several players and they were great. I had a chance to meet Davin Joseph, Kelvin Chaisson and Vince Carter, and they were great guys. I met many others, but I can't remember their names there was so many of them."

JH: Is your commitment to OU solid? Or do you plan on taking other visits?

RV: "Most definitely. Oklahoma will be my only official visit."

JH: Did you get a chance to talk with your former teammate - Paul Thompson - while you were in Norman?

RV: "I got a chance to talk to Paul the day that we were leaving. We walked into the Barry Switzer and he showed me around a little bit. He had just got done participating in seven-on-seven drills and he was pretty excited about his day."

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