RECRUITING: OU hopes Texas RB's mom knows best

Palestine, Texas running back Adrian Peterson and his mother give their trip to Norman high marks


JH: Did you just get back from working out?

AP: "I was at summer track practice tonight and I just got back from practice. The coach decided to put me on our 4X400 relay team, so I did eight 600 meter dashes today. That will give me some stamina at the end of the 400 meter race."

JH: How did you like your visit to Norman?

AP: "It was fun and I liked the atmosphere in Norman. Everything seemed in the open and I thought that was refreshing. I had a chance to meet some of the players and they were great guys. I watched them workout a little bit and I see why they are so good, because they work out really hard. They have nice facilities. Out of all the colleges I went to I would say that OU has the best facilities. The weight room and locker room areas are great and then their new indoor facility is the best that I have seen."

JH: Did you learn a little more about Oklahoma this time?

AP: "Yes, it did a little bit. It was the second time to be up there, but I got to see a little more this time. I got to see the dorms and the intramural practice fields where they hold two-a-days."

JH: Your mom got a chance to visit OU for the first time, so what were her impressions?

AP: "She liked it a lot. She had a chance to talk to Teresa Ray, who works in academics and she really likes her. To be honest, my mom would like for me to go to Oklahoma, because she likes the people there and she really like Mrs. Ray. She feels that Oklahoma is not to big, but it is not to small either. She also seems to trust Coach Stoops and his coaches. My mom would like it if I went to OU."

JH: You also went to Texas didn't you?

AP: "I liked it up there. I really didn't get to enjoy the visit like I wanted to because I was running in a track meet in Houston. I did get to talk to some of the coaches and stuff, and I got to watch the mini-camp that was going on. I watched my position coach (Coach Michael Haywood) and watched how he put players through a workout. That was probably my third visit to Texas. I went to the Texas Relays and then looked around the campus. I also went there for the state track meet and was able to spend some time at the football office."

JH: How is recruiting shaping up for you at this time? Do you have a leader?

AP: "Oklahoma and Texas are high on my list, and you have to put Texas A&M and Miami on that list. I don't have a favorite right now, but I really like those four schools."

JH: Do you think you will commit soon, or do you feel you will take all your visits?

AP: "I will probably take all my trips and stuff. It will probably be during football season."

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