RECRUITING: Offer on the way for Chicago DT?

Chicago DT Marques Walton says he can't wait to see more of OU after attending last week's summer camp


Marques is taking his enormous talents from prestigious Mount Carmel High to Hubbard this year to team with star linebacker Chris Patterson to form one of the top duos in the country in the front seven.

Walton started for the first time last season and was averaging 10 tackles a game before surgery ended his season. Marques is healthy now and ready to bust out this season at Hubbard High.

"I was a little nervous about the move, because I had been at Carmel for so long," said Walton. "I feel very comfortable at Hubbard now and the people have been very nice to me. It was basically my parents decision to move me, because they just felt I would be better off at Hubbard than Carmel. Now that I have been at Hubbard for a while I agree with them."

Marques' father — Lloyd Walton — knows a little about being an athlete as he played with the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA for close to six seasons.

"I played basketball my freshman and sophomore year, but now I am going to wrestle," said Walton. "I still don't think that my dad wants any part of me at this time."

Marques can bench 365 pounds and he can squat 535 pounds 10 times. Walton has been offered by Illinois, Northwestern, Oregon, Cincinnati and the Sooners have jumped into the picture.

"It is more or less a verbal offer from Oklahoma," said Walton. "They told me at the camp that they liked what they saw and that they were going to offer me. That made me really happy, because it seemed like a really nice place. I really didn't know much about until I went there and I look forward to seeing more of it. I really don't have a favorite right now, because I really didn't know about any schools until this year. I am just finding about certain schools. However, I am positive that Oklahoma is going to be in the picture."

Walton and Patterson have become very good friends, and now say they would like to play together. That will be a priority on signing day with the two.

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