Chijioke says he still plans on being a Sooner

Junior college CB Chijioke Onyenegecha says he plans to be in in Norman by August 1, despite the fact he's still awaiting the NCAAs ruling on his eligibility


JH: Are you running track this summer?

CO: "No, the last track meet I ran was the Modesto Relays and I ran 10.36 in the 100 meters. I am undefeated in the 100 meters and we have one of the top three relays in the state. We posted a time of 40.6."

JH: What is your status with OU?

CO: "I am coming to OU no matter what."

JH: Have you heard anything from the NCAA about your appeal?

CO: "I have already put my appeal in and I am just waiting for the hearing. They still haven't called me back to set up a date. They will do it before the season, but I don't know when they are going to do it. Don't worry, I am coming to OU no matter what."

JH: If you don't win the appeal would you redshirt next year?

CO: "I guess. I think that would be what would have to happen. I will do anything that I can do to help the team and compete. I will probably go out and run track, because I just can't sit around and do nothing."

JH: The following year would you still plan on playing at OU or are you thinking about trying to luck with the NFL draft?

CO: "I would use those two years at OU and just to work on my game and get better."

JH: When are you planning on moving to Norman?

CO: "I will probably be there around August 1 or so, just as soon as summer school is over."

JH: What are you goals for your first year with the Sooners?

CO: "I just want to prepare my body for the division-1 level. That is the biggest challenge for me, because the game of football is pretty simple, with the biggest challenge just being the language. I have been preparing myself for the challenge all my life and I will be ready for it. I want to come in and help them in any way that I possibly can."

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