Skipper: ‘It's Hard to Comprehend'

NORMAN, Okla. — It didn't take Ralston Valley (CO) HS offensive tackle Dan Skipper very long to realize how special OU was.

"Probably when we first drove in to Norman, the first thing you saw was Memorial Stadium," Skipper said. "That place is just--it's hard to comprehend. I've never really seen anything quite like it. The stadium is just fantastic."

That was Skipper's first impression and the lasting one OU left on him this weekend after his Junior Day visit.

And although the visit didn't end in an offer, he still felt the events were a positive.

"I thought it went really well," Skipper said. "We got to see the campus, meet the coaches. You know, got to see everything else, so I thought that was cool."

Skipper had the opportunity to speak with tight ends/tackles coach Bruce Kittle, his potential position coach, should the Sooners offer and he commit at some point.

He also was afforded the chance to watch the OU-Texas A&M basketball game with Kittle.

All of that helped develop a positive opinion about Kittle in the 6-foot-10, 270-pounder's mind.

"I think he's a great coach," Skipper said. "He would be a great guy to play for. I like him."

Not only did he get a chance to visit with Kittle, but he also spoke with another offensive coach.

That impression proved to be just as positive.

"I talked a little bit with Coach [James] Patton, who is the interior line coach," Skipper said. "You know, again he seems like a great guy to play for. They got a place where you're gonna go in there and you're gonna work your butt off. You know, I like that. They're real down to earth. They know what it takes to win."

Skipper, who said the Sooners are coming to visit him during spring and "we'll go from there," currently reports five offers: Arizona State, Colorado, Colorado State, Duke and Vanderbilt.

He's visited Colorado and Colorado State and plans on taking a spring break trip to Arizona State.

So what will it take to land the Arvada, Colo., prospect?

"It's gonna have to have a good academic plan with strong majors and some stuff that I'm interested in," Skipper said. "You know, I want a place that has a great football atmosphere, place that can win football games and that will advance me to the next level."

No doubt, he found out this weekend OU could at least potentially be that place.

"You know, it's nice," Skipper said. "It's definitely a football atmosphere. You know, it's got a great climate there. Everything in Norman is about OU, so I like that."

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