Newell, Coaches Click During K-State Visit

Elite 2014 defensive lineman prospect Peyton Newell took his third and final Junior Day visit last weekend, this time heading to Kansas State, and by all accords things couldn't have gone better.

"As soon as I got there, they knew me by first name," Newell raved. "And even like before, they kinda like sneak a glance at your name tag and the trainers...I guess are considered assistants, you know. They kinda run everything, pretty much. They all knew me by my name and I definitely felt special there, so it definitely went well this weekend."

Newell even got the opportunity to speak with the head man himself, Coach Bill Snyder.

"Yeah, we talked for a little bit towards the end, just simple stuff like 'Thanks for coming, we're really glad you're here,'" Newell said. "And then I actually talked to Sean Snyder, which is his son. I had a good conversation with him just about the program and just how glad they are that I'm there, so that went well."

Sean, who just completed his 17th year with the Wildcats, serves as the special teams coach while also operating as Associate Head Coach and Director of Football Operations.

And it clearly seems like he, as well as his father, formed a positive impression on the 6-foot-3, 260-pound standout from Hiawatha HS.

Not only that, but Del Miller, current quarterbacks coach and the recruiter in Newell's area, and defensive ends coach Joe Bob Clements additionally made a good impression on Newell.

"I have a really strong relationship with both of them," Newell said. "When I went to [the visit], I was kinda with Joe Bob most of the day. And I know Coach Miller, he's been up to the school a few times and he has a really good relationship with my coach. My coach goes to like their coaching clinics and they talk about me there. And him and my coach have grew a good relationship, so there's definitely--we definitely have a strong relationship with the coaching staff."

Outside of his solid bonding with the coaching staff, Kansas State also provides a comfort level for him.

Just 120 miles southwest of Newell's hometown, it's certainly not the first time he's been there.

"I actually really like the campus," Newell said. "You know, K-State's kind of that home school that I really feel at home with. Most of the kids from my school actually go there, so I definitely --I saw quite a few people that I knew during the game, which is something I definitely like. So, that's one good thing. That's one think I definitely like about K-State."

The game Newell referred to was the Kansas State-Oklahoma State basketball game, which actually kickstarted a lot of the day's major events.

Snyder talked to the visitors afterward and then both the financial aid adviser and vice president addressed them.

After that, the prospective players broke off with position coaches before Snyder talked with them again one more time.

It was "definitely a planned out day with lots of information," Newell said.

Outside of football, Newell just recently finished up his hoops season when his team came up one point short in sub state.

But while he was disappointed about the outcome, he admits he was ready to get back to work on his football game.

"We actually started lifting today, so it felt good to be back," Newell said. "We took a few weeks, a month or two off for basketball and it's good to be back."

He plans on visiting a few schools for spring practice in the next few weeks, including Kansas State, as well as Kansas and Missouri and possibly Oklahoma State.

The trip to Oklahoma State might not happen, though, because of the distance they'll have to travel.

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