Godber: "I'm Ecstatic Right Now"

For a Canadian football player, having a similar player who has set a precedent of success is crucial and so are connections.

St. Andrew's College (Aurora, ON) offensive lineman Peter Godber is the beneficiary of both.

Professional football fanatics might know a guy by the name of Danny Watkins, who ascended into the NFL as a first round draft pick (No. 23 overall) by the Philadelphia Eagles back in 2011 after a career at Baylor that featured First-Team All-Big 12 Honors.

Like Godber, Watkins was a native Canadian, out of Kelowna, British Columbia.

He was a bruising offensive lineman for the Bears, one the Baylor coaching staff has flashbacks of when watching Godber's film.

"The biggest thing is with Baylor, they've got a track record with Canadian offensive linemen and the guy that Peter reminds them of is Danny Watkins," St. Andrew's head coach Len Gurr said when discussing his conversation with the Baylor staff. "Obviously, Danny had a great career there, was a first round pick of the Eagles. Being a similar type of player to Peter, the fact that he's also Canadian, and it was one of those things where we got them Peter's film a few months ago and that was the first feedback they gave us was they thought they were watching kinda the younger version of Danny Watkins.

"So, I think the fact they've had success with a Canadian kid with a similar skill set definitely helped Peter quite a bit with them."

Not only that, but Baylor was also tipped off by a guy in the know.

The guy in the know? Well, he's quite knowledgeable and influential as well.

Current Canadian Football League defensive end Shomari Williams, who played at Houston from 2006-2009 and has some connections with the Baylor coaching staff, let them know about the young 6-foot-4, 290-pounder.

Williams did so because he currently runs Top Prospects Canada, the recruiting service for the country, and saw a lot he liked about Godber.

That, it appears, seemed to expedite the process with a player who was already extremely gifted to begin with.

"You know, any time you can have someone like Shomari advocate one of your kids, I think it just meant they watched Peter's film with a bit more interest off the bat, which I'm sure helped," Gurr said.

And the rest is history.

Unable to call the prospect themselves during this blackout period, the Baylor staff reached out to Gurr and extend his player an offer.

As for Godber, saying he's excited would almost be an understatement.

"I'm ecstatic right now," Godber said. "To be honest, words can't even describe how I feel. This is great that I got the offer."

He was quick to point out that, because Baylor is the only school that has been insistent and offered him, they are easily at the top of his list.

"Without a doubt, they're the only place I'm looking right now," Godber said. "I can't wait to go down for a tour and meet all the coaches and do all that stuff, but yeah, right now they're No. 1."

And barring a major change, that could stay the case, not just because Baylor is the only school to this date to offer him, but for more than that.

"I mean, Baylor honestly is one of my dream schools," Godber raved. "If I went to Baylor, I would be ecstatic."

He cites Baylor's academics as a huge selling point, saying they're "unreal academically."

He cites its program's recent successes as a Top 10 program with a Heisman Trophy winner and 10-3 record in 2011-12.

And he cites it as part of the Big 12 Conference, one of the country's best offensive leagues, which also attracts him.

So, what exactly does the Baylor target bring on the field?

"I would say more than anything else, Peter is a tremendously hard worker and he doesn't require any kind of external motivation," Gurr said. "He's self-motivated. His greatest strength as a player--and we've had some good O-linemen here; we actually had a kid last year [Eddie Meredith] who was offered by Michigan State and Boston College, he's at Boston College--and I think Peter's a bit more complete player than him. And that's because Peter is such a great finisher.

"Like, when you watch him on film, he loves to play, he loves to finish blocks, he plays right to the echo of the whistle, always walks that fine line, but I would say that's what separates Peter is the way he plays, the intensity, the finish he plays with and the way he kinda drives himself to get better."

Godber must have a good grasp of his game because he listed the same things as his strengths.

"Biggest strengths are the fact that I try and finish every play," Godber said. "So, even if the running back's like 10 yards downfield, I'll still be driving, blocking my guy until I hear a whistle. Like, I won't stop until I hear a whistle. Sometimes that can be a weakness, too, I guess because I got a few unnecessary roughness calls this year."

Coaches, though, can live with penalties sometimes due to that type of aggressiveness.

It's not that he's out of control on the field, but he is just almost too relentless at times.

For a high school kid, too, Godber is really grounded because he has a firm understanding of his weaknesses and what he needs to improve on also.

"Definitely my speed and strength, definitely my speed and strength," Godber said. "Right now, I can do 225 like 14 times, I'd say. But I definitely, definitely need to improve everywhere across, make all that muscle stronger and get a lot faster. That's what I've been trying to do and turn some of the blubber on my body into some muscle."

In the meantime, he'll also be trying to become the latest St. Andrew's College offensive lineman to head to the States on a college roster.

Meredith, a two-star prospect, was the most recent when he chose Boston College over schools like Michigan State, Stanford and Northwestern back in the 2011 class.

For now, Baylor has the lead with this 2013 prospect, so stay tuned to Scout.com for the latest.

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