Offseason Insider: Rawls making his move?

The latest news and notes from this summer as the battle for the starting quarterback spot continues between Jason White, Brent Rawls and Paul Thompson.

NORMAN, Okla. — Just two weeks into the offseason workouts, the Brent Rawls question is still very much up in the air. After checking around today it appears that Rawls has improved in some areas, but he still lacks in others.

It appears that at this time he is not having the bang-up summer that the coaches are looking for, but it is an improved one. Considering where he was last summer I am not sure that means much at this time. However, he is still not showing the leadership that Bob Stoops is looking for that would convince him to turn his offense over to him.

Rawls has the best throwing ability on the team, but still has the worst work habits among the Sooner quarterbacks. They are improved, but still not where they need to be to satisfy the Sooner coaching staff.

There are still coaches on the OU offensive staff that feel that Paul Thompson will be the backup quarterback next fall and not Brent Rawls. I realize it certainly didn't look that way from the final two weeks of spring practice, but at this time some coaches trust Thompson more than they do Rawls. They know in Thompson they would have a quarterback who would be poised under pressure, would exectute the offense. Thompson would have the best run game from the position on the team and for the most part he wouldn't beat the Sooners. The key question on Thompson is whether or not he has the skill to actually make plays that could beat an opponent?

This is why I say with great confidence that Jason White is going to be the starting quarterback, if he is healthy. Right now he is doing everything that he can do to put himself in that position.

I realize this doesn't make all of you happy, but the situation is what it is. Rawls has another month or so to get his act totally together and if he doesn't he may find himself as the third team quarterback instead of just one snap away from being a starter.

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