No. 2 Pledges to Crimson and Cream

Katy (Texas) HS defensive end Matt Dimon left Norman after Junior Day a week and a half ago very high on the Sooners.

So high he almost committed.

But he wanted to make 100 percent sure instant emotion wasn't triggering his decision too much and he truly made the best choice for him.

"Yeah, I didn't want to like do it right then and there, look back on it and [realize] that's not what I really want to do," Dimon said. "I just kinda wanted to let it sit and settle and talk to my parents and yeah, so that's what I did."

Ten days later, after weighing the options, Dimon realized Norman and Oklahoma Memorial Stadium truly was the place for him.

"I mean, my mind was pretty set when I went there, but yeah, I mean, I just could see myself going there and then I talked it over with my parents and I pulled the trigger today," Dimon said.

As many players do, Dimon admitted there was a time when he just knew OU was the place to be.

Some say it comes to them when they wake up one morning.

Others say it's immediately on a visit where they just feel completely at home.

For Dimon, it happened at another moment.

"Yeah, I was actually on the way home from my workout in Katy and you know, I just talked to my dad and just kinda [said], ‘I need to commit. I want to go here,'" Dimon said.

In Dimon, the Sooners will get a very talented three-star defensive end who posted an impressive junior season with 55 tackles, including 20 for loss and 12 sacks.

He also forced six fumbles.

At 6-foot-3, 245 pounds, Dimon stands in as an aggressive specimen and that has helped he and defensive ends coach Bobby Jack Wright hit it off on the same page.

"I really like Coach Wright," Dimon said. "He's a really cool guy, really down to earth. You know, we talk pretty well. He likes guys my size. It's what he mainly recruits, and he sees a lot in me, so that's nice."

Dimon also likes his other coaches on the defensive side of the ball.

"You know, Coach [Mike] Stoops really likes the way I play because I got great footwork," Dimon said. "He said I'd fit in well here and yeah, Coach [Tim] Kish is a really cool guy. I talked to him a couple times and I just can't wait to be up there."

There have been some great defensive ends in OU history, the most recent of which was Frank Alexander, who racked up a ridiculous 19 tackles for loss and 8.5 sacks in his final season last year.

He amassed 143 tackles, including 44 tackles for loss and 20.5 sacks throughout his career at OU.

So, does Dimon model his game after Alexander or anyone else?

"You know, really not particularly," Dimon said. "I just kind of play football. I don't have any one particular person. I want to watch people and any little tips and tricks there that you see they're doing, I try to implement into my game."

He'll have plenty of former OU guys to watch when he arrives, should he elect to do so.

And he'll be coached up very well in addition to that.

As for now, he's just soaking in the moment.

"Yeah, I'm pretty happy right now," Dimon said. "You know, it's a pretty good feeling, a great program and yeah, I'm really excited about my commitment."

So are the Sooners for landing their second of the 2013 class.

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