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NORMAN, Okla. — OU held its annual Pro Day Wednesday morning and a number of guys turned in some nice performances.

Wide receiver James Winchester headlined most of the events, including the 40-yard dash, where he ran the day's best 4.58 seconds.

Winchester also led the vertical jump, with 38 inches, and broad, posting an 11'5.5" jump there.

Two other drills featured Winchester as the leader, including the three-cone and 60-yard shuttle, which he completed in 7.04 and 11.16 seconds, respectively.

It was wide receiver Cameron Kenney who recorded the fastest time in the 20-yard shuttle.

He finished it in 4.2 seconds, while Winchester and defensive back Sam Proctor were not far behind there, managing 4.26 and 4.27, respectively.

To no one's surprise, offensive guard Stephen Good powered out 34 reps at 225 pounds in the bench press to set the best score there.

One of the major highlights of the day, however, came from a guy who has not yet been mentioned.

Wide receiver DeJuan Miller went down and dug a ball off the turf, tipped it up to himself and caught it for an electric grab, the type of snatch professional receivers make money for.

"I mean, you know, it's not routine but with all these scouts out here, having the opportunity to hopefully play in the NFL one day, you can't miss out," Miller said. "I got to catch everything. To be able to have focus and go and get a low ball, go and get a high ball, making some catches, making some grabs, you know, that's what they're looking for. They're looking for guys that can do that, not just make the easy catches, but the hard catches, too."

Defensive end Frank Alexander provided another big point of the day when he worked some in pass coverage along with the linebackers.

"If I work at it, you know, and put my mind to it, I can do anything," Alexander said. "So, it ain't no big deal."

Alexander tested well, recording 34.5" and 9'9" in the vertical and broad jumps, 4.76, 4.57 and 7.55 seconds in the 40-yard dash, 20-yard shuttle and three-cone drill, respectively, and 24 reps in the bench press.

Defensive end Ronnell Lewis worked out both there and at linebacker, performing well at each position.

"I felt like I did both drills pretty good," Lewis said. "Linebacker drills I felt with the drop step, I've been working on it up until now, so I felt like I did a pretty good job."

Linebacker Travis Lewis made some improvement on his 40-yard dash time at the combine, running it 0.14 seconds faster with a 4.75.

"It felt good, it felt good," Lewis said. "Felt good moving, felt good running, finally healthy, so it feels good to come out here and show these guys what I'm capable of."

Former OU tight ends Trent Ratterree and James Hanna, offensive tackles Donald Stephenson and Jarvis Jones, along with defensive backs Jesse Bell and Jamell Fleming and linebacker Ryan Reynolds, all participated and logged some nice stats.

Nicholls State University running back Chicka Madu, brother of former OU back Mossis Madu, and Western Carolina tight end Andrew Rogers also were a part of the day's festivities.

Although he didn't participate in any of the day's events, wide receiver Ryan Broyles said he's on track in his recovery and set for an April Pro Day.

Complete stats:

Player Vertical Jump (in) Broad Jump (ft-in) 40-Yard Dash (secs) 20-Yard Shuttle (secs) Three-Cone Drill (secs) 60-Yard Shuttle (secs) Bench Press (reps at 225 pounds)
Frank Alexander 34.5" 9'9" 4.76 4.57 7.55 -- 24
Jesse Bell 32.5 9'5" 4.68 4.32 7.28 11.72 14
Ryan Broyles -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Jamell Fleming -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Stephen Good 30 9'4" 5.13 4.88 -- -- 34
James Hanna -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Jarvis Jones 29 8'5" 5.31 5.11 8.49 -- 18
Cameron Kenney -- -- 4.65 4.20 -- -- --
Ronnell Lewis -- -- 4.65 -- -- -- --
Travis Lewis 35 10' 4.75 4.30 7.23 11.59 26
Dejuan Miller 32.5 9'10" 4.67 4.44 7.35 11.76 11
Sam Proctor 36 10'4" 4.67 4.27 7.23 11.68 18
Trent Ratterree 33 9'4" 4.91 4.51 7.53 12.34 --
Ryan Reynolds 32.5 8'10" 5.13 -- -- -- 25
Donald Stephenson -- -- -- -- -- -- --
James Winchester 38 11'5.5" 4.58 4.26 7.04 11.16 15

--Denotes that a player did not test

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