RECRUITING: Bomar talks about visit

The latest on Grand Prairie, Texas quarterback Rhett Bomar's family visit to Norman last Friday


JH: How did your visit to OU go last Friday?

RB: "It went real well. It gave us some more time to sit down one-on-one with the coaches and get to know them better. It gave us an opportunity to go over some more things about OU that we wanted to touch on again. It gave my mom a chance to see the college and be around the coaches for the first time and she enjoyed that a great deal. The visit went real well and I feel very good about it."

JH: Is it more important for a quarterback recruit like yourself to get to know the coaches better than some other position recruits?

RB: "I guess it is important for every recruit, but from my perspective it is important that I get to know the coach who could be my position coach. I will be working with him over the next four to five years and I want to make sure that it is a workable relationship. I think it is important for every recruit to get to know his position coach."

JH: Did you come out of the visit with a better perspective about OU than you had before?

RB: "Yeah, I guess so. We went up there with a few questions and we got those questions answered. That was what that visit was for and I felt like we found out some more about the place than we had known before."

JH: Is it your impression that you are an important recruit for Oklahoma? And that it would mean a lot to them if you signed with them?

RB: "Yeah, I get the feeling they really want me in their program. They have gone out of their way to let me know that I am the only quarterback that they want and that makes me feel good. They have told me that there is a need at quarterback, because their starter graduates after this year and even though they have other guys at quarterback, they are unproven. So, I guess you can say they have a need at quarterback and they have made feel like I am the quarterback they really want in their program."

JH: You have been to OU quite a bit, so do you know quite a few people and feel comfortable at OU?

RB: "I don't know the secretaries names or anything, but I do feel comfortable when I go to Oklahoma. I think we have been up at OU about four times, and by this time I feel very comfortable with the coaches and just being around the coaches. The more times you are around them the more comfortable you feel. I do feel very comfortable at Oklahoma and feel good when I visit there."

JH: Did the visit get you closer to making a decision?

RB: "I have certain schools that I like and because of that I still can't make a decision. I don't have a timetable when I might make a decision, because there is still so much I have to learn about each school. I don't know if I will make a decision by the end of the summer or take recruiting into the season. I just know that I have to have a great feeling in my heart about the school that I am going to, and I have some good feelings about some schools, but it is not where it should be yet. I need to see more places so that I can get more of an idea of what I am dealing with."

JH: What schools are still involved at this point?

RB: "Texas, Oklahoma, Florida State, Miami, Georgia and Michigan. Those are probably the schools that are up there. I have a couple of schools that are at the top, but I still like all schools at this point. I really don't want to go into who I favor at this point, because I am not at that point yet. However, I like these six schools."

JH: How is your summer baseball going and your seven-on-seven drills?

RB: "We won the tournament and I had three doubles and a home run in the tournament. We have had only one seven-on-seven workout because of rain and that first one went pretty well."

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