Big 12 Spring Teleconference: Bob Stoops

Head coach Bob Stoops fielded questions from reporters Monday morning on the Big 12 Conference call about spring ball and more and Sooners Illustrated has all the discussion.

Q-I wanted to ask you real quick about the BCS meeting this week. You know they're meeting this week to decide what they're going to do about a playoff, plus-one, whatever else. What do you hope to see come out of this meeting and even on into the summer, what would you like to see develop?

A-I guess my hope and again, I'm not schooled in all the details that they're going to visit about, but I'm not for a playoff because it would ruin the bowl system and I don't believe that would be good for student athletes, college athletes, players. The bowl experience overall is too positive for them. I'd like to see the plus-one. If they do so, I'd like to see the four-team, teams that qualify as per say the playoff teams participate in two of the BCS bowls and then rotate it every two years which bowls are hosting the playoff teams and which ones aren't and then the plus-one after that way you have a week long experience or five, six days, whatever it is at the bowls. Again, a very positive experience for families, for players, this, that and the other. And then whoever qualifies for the national championship game the next week or say eight days later, you just go in two nights before the game, you don't have the bowl experience. You're playing for the national championship. So, anyway, that to me would preserve, again in my opinion, hopefully would preserve the BCS system and the BCS bowls and all of that and then you just have the plus-one.

Q-Along the same lines, one of the proposals out there on that is to have home field semifinals...

A-I don't, I don't--again, then the bowl games go away and that would not be positive.

Q-Even though you would have had it, been at home three times?

A-I still [think] just overall, you know, there's gonna be times we wouldn't be at home or, you know, anything that eliminates the bowls, again, I don't believe in the long run would be really positive for college football.

Q-I guess Landry [Jones] on his spring break went out and visited George Whitfield to work on some things. What did you see out of him this spring that was different? I also hear he's slimmed down a bit, a little bit more mobile.

A-Well he's, you know, as you should be as all young players, you know, the guys we work with at this age, they're still developing. And Landry just continues to work on footwork, on fundamentals, mechanics, strength and training, all of that, as he should be, as all young people at his age ought to be. So, he's just working for improvement in every part of his game, and that's positive and not unlike Sam Bradford or any of the other guys we've had here of really working hard to continue to polish, you know, all his fundamentals.

Q-Was there any particular thing that came out of spring ball that you were particularly pleased with?

A-You know, I'm always pleased with his leadership and attitude, but I guess you just see the continued development [in] his ability to throw and mechanics and footwork. You know, he continues to polish those things up, which leads to usually more accuracy and ability to deliver the football in a timely manner.

Q-What about the team overall, was there anything? What were you particularly pleased about what you guys got out of the spring?

A-Relatively few injuries, nothing serious and developed more depth, more players ready to play. Younger players that hadn't played much stepped up and started to show their progression and the fact that they're ready to play.

Q-Oklahoma was one of the first teams not in the Big Ten or Pac 10 to play in the Rose Bowl. I just wonder what you remember from that experience, that whole time?

A-I thought it was fabulous. Everything about it, the practice sites, the accomodations, you know, the six days, five days leading up to the game. Being out there with our team in L.A. was a very positive experience. Our players just really enjoyed it. And then we played a good game, and so playing in that stadium's beautiful. I think maybe one of my favorite places to play, and so, you know, it was really a neat experience. I can remember there was some talk--you know how it is. The people want to try and find some controversy in it that Oklahoma going to the Rose Bowl is the first time in our history. But I remember chiming up and saying, ‘Well, it's not like we're not bringing some history with us.' You know, we got one of the better overall traditions and history in college football that we were bringing out there, so we were proud of that.

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