Breaking down the Sooners' draft: Part I

NORMAN, Okla. — Sooners Illustrated examines how the 2012 NFL Draft shook out for OU.

Team that will be most impacted by drafting a Sooner: Detroit Lions. It's easy to say this when there are three options to choose from, and that's the case. The Lions, of course, selected a trio of Sooner players, including wide receiver Ryan Broyles, defensive end/linebacker Ronnell Lewis and linebacker Travis Lewis. One of those three is almost sure to make an impact on this team and perhaps a big one. In fact, a couple of these guys could end up being productive pros and there's three chances compared to one for the other teams who picked a Sooner.

Player that will fit in best where he was drafted: Broyles. The situation just simply stacks up nice for him. Joining the Megatron in Detroit, where he won't be asked to be the man from the beginning. He'll have a chance to play inside at the slot position and let Calvin Johnson continue to make the big plays on the perimeter that he makes all the time. Not only that, but he has the opportunity to be mentored by Johnson so that he can develop into a solid player at the next level alongside him. Broyles is explosive enough to produce for the Lions and he's in the same offense as a Pro Bowl wide out.

Best value pick: Travis Lewis. It was a shock for a lot of people that Lewis fell to the seventh round. But the Lions were able to snatch him up there with the 223rd overall selection after many experts had him projected in the fourth and fifth rounds. Lewis is an instinctive player that can aid a defense that finished just 22nd overall in the NFL last season, including 22nd in passing defense (239.4 yards per game) and 23rd in rushing defense (128.1 yards per game). He'll have to make the team, but should he do so, his competitiveness and awareness on the field should allow him to help this unit, despite slow combine times that might have dropped him in the draft.

Biggest reach pick: None. Ironically, most of these players went just about where they should have. Broyles is probably the best option here, most pegging him as a third or fourth rounder before the Lions took him in the second, but his individual Pro Day workout backs up Detroit's argument in selecting him where they did. Ronnell Lewis went lower than many anticipated, same with Travis Lewis, as previously stated. Cornerback Jamell Fleming and offensive tackle Donald Stephenson both had their names called in the third round, as predicted, and defensive end Frank Alexander went in the fourth round, right around where experts had him. Tight end James Hanna was a fifth to seventh round selection, depending on the pre-draft site one looked at, and he fell right in that gap. So, there wasn't really a reach selection by any team.

Biggest surprise pick: Travis Lewis. Even despite his poor timings at both the NFL Combine and OU Pro Day workout, Lewis' production as a Sooner should have stood for something. Even the analysts assumed so, especially and, who labeled him as a fourth rounder. placed him in the fifth round. Still, he fell to the seventh, which was quite surprising. Justifiable, yet surprising.

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