Offseason Insider: Seven-on-seven update

The latest news and notes from Oklahoma's summer workout seven-on-seven drills

NORMAN, Okla. — I dropped by the Sooners seven-on-seven drills this morning and thought the Sooners looked good. They had a good turnout at the drill and most of the key guys were there.

Jason White is throwing the ball very, very well and so is Brent Rawls. Both really threw the ball with some authority, with White hitting Brandon Jones and Mark Clayton deep, and Rawls throwing some impressive out-routes to Jones and to Travis Wilson.

Paul Thompson looked good throwing the 20 yard and in routes. He hit two or three curls over the middle to Clayton and JeJuan Rankins. I didn't see him attempt a deep route, which means on his turn a deep route wasn't open.

True freshmen Joe John Finley looks like he is going to be a very athletic tight end, if he stays at the position. OU may end up needing him over at defensive end quicker.

Renaldo Works and Mark Clayton have really beefed up. Both look super and so does junior cornerback Mark Bradley. Bradley seems to have the most fun at practice, always talking and cutting up. He also does a pretty good job at corner. Bradley looks like a million bucks.

Brandon Everage attended the workout, but did not go through the drills. I am not sure why, but I got the impression he hasn't been cleared to do so. He has been cleared to lift weights and go through conditioning with the team, but he is still limited on all other team activities at this time.

White didn't wear any braces during the drills, but he doesn't run much either. However, there is no question that he is the coach on the field at these drills on offense, while Teddy Lehman takes that chore on defense.

Derrick Strait and Antonio Perkins work very hard during these drill on technique. Strait is such a natural cover guy, while Perkins is a gifted athlete.

Donte Nicholson and Matt McCoy were the first group of safeties today, with Michael Thompson alternating with McCoy.McCoy did a great job and looked good in the drills.

I got my first look at freshmen Marcus Johnson, who worked in the drill at wide receiver. From what I can gather, he has not thrown a pass yet and has worked exclusively at receiver. He is very, very fast and burned Jowahn Poteat on a deep flag route, but dropped the ball allowing his teammates to get on the rookie pretty good. Johnson had a great attitude about the ribbing.

Pasha Jackson participated in the drills and is going through full workouts after missing spring with shoulder surgery. Lance Mitchell did a good job in the leadership department as well. Clint Ingram and Wayne Chambers also participated in the drills.

Tommy Grady was wearing a knee sleave and did not participate in the drills, but did attend them. Donta Hickson also looked stronger. Travis Wilson worked out of the slot and outside as well. This guy who has a chance to be big time.

I have been to a couple of these now and Brandon Jones is working his fanny off. There is no question that the quarterbacks are looking to him and he looks fantastic. He is running all of his routes, getting open and he is impressing the other players. I will hold to my prediction that Jones will have a breakout year this year and become a star in college football.

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