Brown ready to lead the way

Oklahoma junior offensive tackle Jammal Brown (#55) is on the verge of a breakout year, but right the Lawton native says it's getting to Kansas City that's on his mind. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

NORMAN, Okla. — To say Jammal Brown is ready to breakout in 2003 is an understatement.

Brown joins Vince Carter and Wes Sims as returning starters from an offensive line that paved the way for an exciting new running game installed by new line coach Kelvin Wilson. The Lawton, Okla. native is already looked upon as being one of the leaders of this year's talented line, and he's started receiving heavy praise from from many of the preseason magazines this summer. He was ranked as the 11th best offensive tackle in America by The Sporting News, as well as being pegged as a first team All-Big 12 pick. writer James Hale caught up with Jammal after an offseason workout on Thursday to talk about his summer and expectations for next season.

JH: It appears that this has already been a great offseason for you. You are bigger and stronger, and you're just now getting into your offseason work.

JB: "We're just basically trying to work on our speed and flexibility, so we can be a more powerful offense."

JH: How is the offensive line progressing this summer?

JB: "We've got a lot of young guys. I don't think there are any seniors up front. We're coming along pretty good. We don't have much depth, but as long as we stay healthy and keep working hard things will come out good."

JH: Even though you don't have any seniors, guys like you, Vince Carter and Wes Sims can still provide leadership can't you?

JB: "Oh yeah, that's not going to be a problem. We're just going to have to step up, mature faster and set examples for the young people we have. Even though we're younger ourselves we've played, so I think everything will work out fine."

JH: With another year of weight training and Kevin Wilson's coaching, how much better of a run blocking team will you be?

JB: "We're looking forward to being dominant. We want to be able to run the ball just anytime we want, being physical and just playing lights out ball."

JH: You've been rated as one of the top five offensive linemen in the country by one national magazine, and are predicted to be All-Big 12 by several others. Are you looking forward to this being a breakout year for you?

JB: "It's good that I'm getting some publicity, but that isn't really a big deal to me right now. I just want to get to Kansas City for that Big 12 Championship, and then on from there."

JH: You've also become a great pass blocker, so I assume the goal this year is to not give up any sacks?

JB: "Oh yeah, no sacks and dominate the run. We've got to keep them (quarterbacks) good and healthy."

JH: Who was the best defensive end you went against last year?

JB: "You'll probably be surprised, but I'd say the guys from South Florida. They were really fast and athletic."

JH: How about the guys you go up against in practice like Jonathan Jackson and Dan Cody?

JB: "JJ's one of the best. They remind me of those guys from South Florida, real forceful off the ball. He's really good, and Dan Cody is just real big and powerful."

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