RECRUITING: Florida LB will visit OU

Top Florida LB Keith Rivers talks about his visit out west and his interest in Oklahoma


JH: Did you make it to Oklahoma as planned last week?

KR: "I didn't get a chance to, because I couldn't get my flight changed around where it wouldn't cost me a bunch of money. I still plan to make it out to Oklahoma and I hope to do that later this month."

JH: You did camp at USC didn't you?

KR: "Yes, I camped at USC and it was a great experience for me. It was kind of cold the first couple of days. The temperature was in the 60's, but it warmed up the last couple of days. I certainly got a better impression of the school and I got to meet all the coaches. I also met a few players and most are from California, and that was a different perspective for me. I left feeling better about their football program. We got to play in the Coliseum and that was great, because we could feel the tradition there."

JH: Will you take any more unofficial visits this summer?

KR: "I will probably visit Miami and Florida unofficially sometime in August before we start playing."

JH: How is recruiting going for you at this time?

KR: "It is going pretty good as I am looking at USC, Florida, Oklahoma, Miami, and I am still looking at a number of schools that I can eventually feel strongly about."

JH: You mentioned Oklahoma, so what do you think about the Sooners at this time?

KR: "I like Oklahoma a lot. I talked to Coach (Brent) Venables a lot in May and I really enjoyed talking to him. I haven't had a chance to talk to a bunch of coaches or players at Oklahoma, but I really enjoyed talking to Coach (Kevin) Wilson as well. Coach Venables is doing a great job of filling me in on the football program, and it is obvious they have a great program. I just have to get on the internet and find out more about their education system and more about their athletic department."

JH: Now that you have seen a few colleges and talked to a few coaches, are you looking at different aspects of recruiting?

KR: "Going into the spring time I was looking more into the football program itself, but now I am going at college from more of an education process. Sure, I was always looking at the education point of it, but it is really my point of emphasis right now. When I was at USC I got to talk to a couple of players about what class was like and what they felt about the academics at the school. When it comes to football I look at the depth chart, defensive schemes and try to get a feel how I might fit into their system. Now that I am over the shock of being on a college campus I can start to relax and really start to analize what I need from a college and look at it more educationally."

JH: How are your workouts going?

KR: "We have this week off for Fourth of July week, and then we will get back to our three days a week of conditioning and three days of weight lifting."

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