RECRUITING: Meet the nation's top cornerback

Cleveand, Ohio CB Ted Ginn won't decide until after his high school season, but he says the Sooners are definitely on his early list.


JH: Did you take any visits this summer?

TG: "I went to some football camps at Michigan, Pittsburgh and Ohio State. I did pretty well at all three camps."

JH: What did you take away from those camps, if anything?

TG: "I learn some different techniques and things from those camps. All three schools were basically the same."

JH: Will you take any more visits or attend any more camps this summer?

TG: "I am done."

JH: What is your recruiting status at the moment?

TG: "I don't have a top five yet and I am just going with the flow right now. I still like Pittsburgh, Michigan, Ohio State, Purdue, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Florida, Florida State, Kansas, and quite frankly their could be others."

JH: You mentioned Oklahoma, so what are your thoughts on the Sooners?

TG: "I have heard a lot about them and heard they have a great program. I have watched them a couple of times and they always play great. I get mail from them and I talked to their coaches during the calling period. So, I am interested in them, but to be honest I am still interested in any school that is interested in me at this time."

JH: When do you feel you will start to narrow things down?

TG: "I probably won't narrow things down until after my football season."

JH: How are your offseason workouts going?

TD: "I am just working out and running at this time. I think I have put on about five pounds and I weight about 172 pounds right now."

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