RECRUITING: Nation's top prospect still likes OU

TheInsiders' No. 1 ranked recruit - Colorado OL Jeff Byers — talks about his interest in Oklahoma


JH: Are you still taking unofficial visits?

JB: "I am going to Iowa on Thursday for an unofficial visit. That will be my last unofficial visit. I have taken 13 unofficial visits thus far."

JH: Where have you gone recently?

JB: "I got back from USC and UCLA about a month ago, and I just returned from Ohio State, Michigan and Notre Dame."

JH: Who else have you visited unofficially?

JB: "I have also visited USC, UCLA, Stanford, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Colorado State and Wyoming."

JH: What did you think of the schools on the West Coast?

JB: "I had a good time and I had a lot of fun. I got to know the coaches at all three schools very well. I didn't realize that Stanford was so darn good at all sports. I knew they were pretty good in some, but not great like they are. At USC, I felt I got to know the players very well, and at UCLA I got a good feel about their academic situation."

JH: Did you come away with a better feeling about any of the three schools on the West Coast after visiting there?

JB: "I really enjoyed all three of them a lot. I feel all three are great schools and I got a good feel for the coaching staffs and how they conduct their business."

JH: Is Oklahoma still a school that you are considering?

JB: "Oklahoma is obviously still in the picture. I really enjoyed my visit there and I like Oklahoma a lot. I haven't narrowed anything down yet, but Oklahoma is still in the running."

JH: Have you started to narrow down you choices at all?

JB: "I am really keeping my options open. After I take this trip to Iowa I am going to come back and really try to narrow this process down. I am going to sit down and go back over each school and figure out what I like and don't like about each one. I am going to critique each school and really try to figure out which schools I really want to get serious about."

JH: Are you totally making this decision on your own or are do you have a lot of people involved?

JB: "This is a totally individual decision, but if I need some help I will go and talk to my dad. My dad has stayed out of this whole process and I am not sure what he can add, but he is a very intelligent man and every once in a while he will say something about a school or about the process that makes perfect sense."

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