Stoops praises playoff decision

NORMAN, Okla. — Throughout the process of changing the college football postseason format into a playoff, Sooner head coach Bob Stoops has been adamant about three things: maintaining the value of the regular season, preserving the bowl season and protecting the players.

Valuing the regular season by having the smallest number of teams necessary in the playoff so as to make every game along the way still equally important.

Preserving the bowl season by molding that into the new playoff format in some form or fashion, while keeping the rest of the bowls.

Protecting the players by not forcing them to play too many games and allowing it to get too much in the way of their class schedules.

The new format will do all of the above.

As approved Tuesday, there will be a selection committee which will choose just the top four teams to play in a three-game playoff.

"We are allowing the best teams in the country to determine a national champion on the football field and as a coach, that's what you want," Stoops said.

Winners of the two bowls will meet in a national title game that's bid out to a site, and six bowls will rotate on a three-year basis, while the rest of the bowls will remain a part of the holiday season.

That means there will only be one more game to crown a national champion.

"Our student-athletes, our universities, college football and the fans are all winners in this new playoff format," Stoops said. "I've long advocated the many positives of maintaining the bowl system as part of the postseason. I'm very pleased that student-athletes competing for a national championship will still get to enjoy the rich part of college football's tradition that is that week-long bowl experience.

"To me, this decision further enhances the importance of our regular season games, and is good for college football and our student-athletes all the way around."

The new format will take place starting during the 2014 season.

For now, Stoops and his Sooners will get two more cracks at winning it all through the BCS.

That said, after months of concern, he's satisfied at what the future of college football will be.

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