Top Sooner quotes of Media Days

DALLAS — There were some very interesting comments from OU at Big 12 Media Days, and Sooners Illustrated has rounded up some of those.

"I don't know, we'll have to have a little competition to figure that one out, like a daylong competition of all different games,"-Quarterback Landry Jones on who is the better athlete, him or his newlywed wife and OU women's basketball star Whitney Hand

"Well, I mean, it's--yeah, but that's life, you know? It's okay. We're all big boys."--Head coach Bob Stoops on not having Brent Venables on his staff after working with him at OU for 13 or 14 years

"I honestly don't know if it's going to continue this season, but last year everybody got a chance to wear No. 12 that was a starter. And it was a pretty special feeling to honor that jersey and to honor that name is something we'll never forget in our lifetime. You know, A. Box was probably one of the hardest working dudes we ever met. You know, unfortunately he passed away, but he's still in our hearts. I pray about him every day and he's never going to leave us. So, 12 last year was kind of a big thing for us. I'm glad we did it. I don't know if we're gonna do it this year." --Field cornerback Demontre Hurst on honoring Austin Box's No. 12 jersey in 2011 and its future

"Well, when I was here in '08 that was one of the best offensive lines I've ever seen and ever been a part of because it had all of the five guys went to the NFL. Yeah, they all [had] an unbelievable talent. I mean, they were all just massive guys and, I mean, you really don't ever see offensive lines come together like that very often especially in college. But experience-wise and depth-wise, we're right there with them. We have a lot of talent. We have a lot of guys that have played a lot of football and have a lot of experience. We might not be the same size as them. Phil [Loadholt] was what, 6-9, 330 and Duke [Robinson] was huge also. So, size-wise we don't weigh up to them or match up to them."--Center Ben Habern on if this upcoming season's offensive line may be in the same league as the one in 2008 that carried OU to the BCS National Championship Game.

"I don't know. You know, I'm just caught up in just how tragic the whole thing is to be quite honest with you. I don't, haven't even thought about what it's going to do to them. "--Stoops on the NCAA punishment resulting from the Freeh Report and what it will do to Penn State football as we know it

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