RECRUITING: OU making a run at Florida athlete

Dajuan Morgan excels on both sides of the ball. And the fact that Oklahoma may let him try both in college could land the Sooners a visit.


JH: How has your summer gone?

DM: "I went to Miami and Florida's camp. I got hurt at the Miami camp as I was covering a receiver and went up to defend against a pass, and when I came down my ankle was between his legs and I rolled my ankle. The rest of the camp I was on crutches, so I just hung out with the coaches and got to know them a little better, and I had a chance to meet a few players at Miami. I wasn't really healthy when I went to Florida's camp, so I just walked around and I really didn't do anything."

JH: Are you healthy yet?

DM: "No, I have to go through two more weeks of therapy and then everything will be set straight."

JH: Does this injury set you back or is it a blessing in disguise?

DM: "Everything happens for a reason, because I had a hamstring injury and that needed some rest, so the ankle allowed me to rest my legs. When I get healthy again in a couple of weeks I am going to be refreshed and ready to go."

JH: How is recruiting going for you right now?

DM: "Right now Florida is my number one school. I have received a couple more scholarship offers and that was nice. Everything is going fine at this point."

JH: Who are the other schools that you are considering?

DM: "I like Miami, Ohio State, Georgia, N.C. State, Oklahoma, Virginia Tech and South Florida."

JH: Will you take your visits or is Florida such a clear cut choice that this is almost a cut and dried type deal?

DM: "I am going to try to take five visits. I am going to try to take two visits in Florida and three visits out of state."

JH: Will Oklahoma get one of those out-of-state visits?

DM: "Oklahoma offered me an opportunity to play wide receiver and cornerback, and that is very appealing to me and important to me. Most schools that are recruiting me have promised me that I can play both cornerback and wide receiver. Those that haven't, I really don't think I will consider very hard, but the schools I really like have promised me that. OU has had some success with athletes that go both ways and I like the fact they are open to playing their best players."

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