Franks latest to work through position change

NORMAN, Okla. — It seems like the reoccurring theme throughout fall camp and now into the closing practices leading up to the season opener at UTEP has been the merry-go-round of players shifting positions, and the latest of those is Trey Franks.

Franks, who was reinstated from his indefinite suspension briefly before the start of two-a-days, is now working in at defensive back after serving as a wide out for the first two years of his Sooner career.

"Yeah, he's been doing that the last week and looks good back there," said head coach Bob Stoops. "So, hopefully that's something that, you know, keeps developing like it is. You know, he's a strong guy, got great quickness, so hopefully that continues to work that way."

As Stoops suggested, the move to defensive back, safety more specifically, isn't one that becomes fluid overnight.

There are little subtleties here and there that have to be picked up.

And that's what he's working through.

"We're still in the experiment phase," said brother and defensive coordinator Mike Stoops. "He's a very explosive player. He has tremendous speed. He has size. Understanding the techniques and the feel is something that you have to look at, but I think he's got a possibility if he can, you know present the ability to understand defenses and come up and hit people. If he can do that, then he'll have a chance."

If his teammates' accounts are any indication, that won't be a problem.

"Trey's been looking great," said cornerback Aaron Colvin, who moved over from safety in the offseason. "You know, Trey's out there flying around. He's already one of the fastest on the team, so as far as defensive back, he came in, he's backpedaling great. So, Trey's gonna be ready."

Free safety Tony Jefferson echoed those comments.

"I mean, with his speed and his ability to catch, he could be special somewhere," Jefferson said.

There's a pretty good group in front of him, however, with Jefferson and Javon Harris at the starting spots along with Jesse Paulsen and newcomer Zack Sanchez fighting behind them.

Throw in Quentin Hayes, who Mike said is indefinitely suspended again, and quite a bit of depth is there in front of him for playing time.

Still, pick everything up and he could make some noise on the depth chart.

"So, we're just experimenting at this point, but I think he has [the potential]," Mike said. "There are some possibilities there."

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