Offensive weekly Q&A: WR Justin Brown

NORMAN, Okla. — Sooners Illustrated presents a Q&A with wide receiver Justin Brown to get his final thoughts before taking the field for the first time in an OU uniform after transferring from Penn State.

Q. How have you been able to pick things up so quickly?

A. You know, it's been a lot of hard work. Just gotta give thanks to the coaches, and Landry, and Kenny and all the other receivers. Everybody's been helping me out, you know, learning the system, getting along with things and staying after it, running extra routes, getting a lot of reps. So I guess you have to give some thanks to them, because if they weren't out there helping me get the system and pick up the plays it would be a much harder transition, but they helped me out so they made the transition way smoother.

Q. How have your teammates helped you throughout your transition?

A. They helped me out a lot. Everybody's real welcoming down here, just the people down here in general. They're all real welcoming. They made the transition real smooth.

Q. Is preparation the same as it's always been?

A. Football is football. This is game week. I've been through a lot of game weeks. It's the same thing, preparation, watching film, getting extra reps and whatnot. Now, it's just time to play football.

Q. Now, you're atop the depth chart, do you feel like everything's kind of come to fruition?

A. Not yet. I've still got to go out and produce. Nothing's given to me right now. I've got to go out there and make plays and still earn my spot.

Q. Have you kept an eye on everything going on in State College with that team?

A. Yeah, like I said earlier I still keep in contact with all those players. I was just talking with some of them today going to class. They were calling me while I was in class and whatnot, so I do kind of keep up with what's going on back there so I'm still going to have a relationship with the players on that team.

Q. What kind of season do you think Penn State will have?

A. I think they're going to do a lot better than what people think they are. I've been seeing some things that people don't even think they're going to be .500. I think they're going to do a lot better than what everybody thinks. They're real talented. They have a real good offense now and that defense is always lights out. You guys are just going to have to wait and see. That team's going to be pretty good.

Q. Have you kept up with Silas Redd?

A. Yeah. Last time I talked to him he liked it out there in Cali. He was working hard, same thing just transition wise, getting reps and learning new schemes. So he told me he liked it and I'll definitely stay in touch with him, too.

Q. Similar situation with Lacoltan Bester and Trey Metoyer…trials & tribulations getting here. Do you guys talk about that?

A. Yeah, Lacolton's my roommate so we talk all the time. He's a good guy. Him and Trey. We're all kinda in the same boat so we're just there to help each other out. If it comes down to not knowing a play or something, we'll tell each other what the play is or he'll tell me what I need to do better to work on. I tell him what he needs to do better, so we're all kinda bonding as a receiving corp and as a team.

Q. We've heard that special teams is a strength of yours?

A. That's what I used to do at Penn State to help the team out and if Coach Stoops feels as though I need to do that here, then I'll do it. Whatever it takes to help the team out, I'll do it.

Q. What's it been like playing alongside Landry Jones?

A. It's been good. He's a real intelligent quarterback. He's talented and he's a good leader and that's what you need.

Q. In past seasons, Landry hasn't been much of a vocal leader. The talk is that he has become more of a vocal leader this season. What's your impression of Landry been in your short time with him?

A. I feel as though he's a good leader. I'm not a vocal guy myself, but I feel as though there's different ways to lead. Not everybody's a rah-rah guy, and I feel as though if you go out there and you show that you work hard and you show that you can get the job done consistently, that's leading in itself and I think that's what he does.

Q. What's your favorite/least favorite thing about Oklahoma?

A. I haven't really gotten out that much just to have a real favorite. I do like Cane's restaurant. I can't really say a least favorite thing. It gets real hot.

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