RECRUITING: Tulsa WR still camping

Wide receiver Damacho Ousley says he's wide open, but the Tulsa prospect did reveal three of his current top five. Did OU make the cut?


JH: How did your camp trip to USC go?

DO: "I felt it went real well. The coaches seemed to like what I did and they began to show a real interest in what I was doing."

JH: Did you learn anything differently about USC that you didn't know before?

DO: "I learned some different techniques about how come off the line of scrimmage and how to beat defensive backs. I got a chance to walk around the campus and saw their trophy room and it was neat to see all their awards. Most of all, I just learned more about how to play wide receiver and that will help me in my senior year."

JH: Are you going to any more camps?

DO: "I am going to LSU this weekend."

JH: What about recruiting at this point?

DO: "I am still wide open and I am still looking at a lot of schools. It may come down to who is recruiting me the hardest. I am still receiving a lot of letters. I am going to OSU's football camp on the July 26th."

JH: What teams are you interested in at this point?

DO: "I really don't want to list teams, because I am really wide open. I never had a favorite team growing up and I didn't start watching football until I got to high school. I didn't even start to follow the game until last year and I am just now getting into college football somewhat. So, I have a lot to learn about the sport at this point."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

DO: "Oklahoma is a great school and they are definitely in my top five. I guess USC and LSU might be in their as well, but I really don't know. I really still like everybody that has offered thus far. The Big 12 is mostly who has been offering me."

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