Offensive weekly Q&A: LG Adam Shead

NORMAN, Okla. — Sooners Illustrated presents a Q&A with left guard Adam Shead to talk about how things went in game one and more.

Q. Going back and looking at the game, it's never as bad as it seems or as good as it seems, right?

A. Yeah. You know, we didn't play our best game. We know that. We're fully aware of that, so we just got to come out, be better at practice and then execute in the game better. And we really shot ourselves in the foot the other night Saturday night with penalties and everything like that. So, it's just we know what we did wrong and we gotta fix it. We know we gotta fix it, so that's what we're doing.

Q. A couple times late there Damien [Williams] gets loose for a long run, but what was the biggest thing that you took away from going back and looking at the game?

A. Biggest thing? Let me think. It's just doing your job. Like executing your assignments and just really we gotta just fix the small things like the real little things that you might think that might not matter but does in the long run. We saw a lot of that on Saturday.

Q. Is that maybe just stuff going back and looking at it that you thought you wouldn't even need to review or go back over and it is just the small things on the practice field? Does it go back to getting stuff done during the week?

A. Yeah, that's what it always goes back to. It reflects if you have a good practice or not and majority of time how you practice is how you play. So yeah, it was just what we were doing and trying to become better practice players.

Q. Did you UTEP do anything, any stunts or anything unusual to cause a disruption on the offensive line?

A. No. They did everything we thought they would do.

Q. What kind of stuff--you talk about little things. For people that may not understand football as much [as we do], what kinds of little things is it in practice that you guys are working on to try to correct?

A. Baby steps, maybe. I'm not gonna go into detail on that. But it's--I can't really go into detail on that. I would rather Coach Stoops go into detail on that.

Q. Is it frustrating to go back and look at the stuff and you see those mistakes and you're working for two-and-a-half months already or a month-and-a-half, is it stuff that just shouldn't be happening?

A. Yeah, but like I said, it was mistakes and it happens to the best of us. It happens to the worst of us. So, we just gotta keep learning from it, keep moving on.

Q. Back when you guys first lost Ben [Habern] and Tyler [Evans], you guys were starting to absorb the message was that you just have to plug in for the next guy, but sometimes maybe--that's obviously the goal--but reality might be that it takes a little time for a new line and a retooled line to gel? Is that part of it you think as well?

A. Yeah, you know, you gotta have team chemistry. That's what we're working on, and we're getting there. We're not perfect obviously, but we're getting there.

Q. Just you individually, how do you think you played?

A. I could have done a whole lot of things better. Yeah, so I'm not going to go into detail on that either, but I'm gonna tell you I could have done a whole lot of things better.

Q. Do you go into Saturday night looking to prove something to yourselves, to your fans, to anybody?

A. Yeah, more so to ourselves because we know what we're capable of. So, when we don't perform the way we're capable of and we know, we feel bad and we know it's just the thought of knowing that you left something on the field.

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