RECRUITING: Catching up with Brett Bowers

Oklahoma verbal and Jacksonville, Fla. safety Brett Bowers talks about his summer workout routine


JH: How is your summer going?

BB: "I have a strict schedule pretty much. I wake up at 6:30 a.m. and eat breakfast, and then go to a workout at our school. It lasts around a hour and a half. That is a free weight and cardio workout combined. So, I get home at round 10:30 a.m. then I get on our boat and go wake boarding and surfing for another hour or so. Then about 2:00 p.m I go to the HIT Center (High Intensity Training) and do a bunch of pyometrics, which is a bunch stretching and bounding things to improve flexibility and jumping ability. We do a bunch of combine tests, which include shuttle and exercises to improve our speed and quickness."

JH: It sounds like you live right off the ocean?

BB: "I live just two minutes from the ocean, and we have water all around us, so it is pretty nice.

JH: How much are you improving your physical condition this summer?

BB: "I have eight percent body fat, which is down considerably and I weigh 187 pounds. am benching 330 and I have a 455 pound squat. I have a 32-inch vertical jump, and that has increased somewhat."

JH: So, what happens after the HIT workout?

BB: "After that I head home I go eat dinner and then we go do 7-on-7's that night. Right now it is basically with our team, but we also scrimmage other schools around the area. Every team is working in Jacksonville, so it is not hard to find other teams to scrimmage."

JH: How are you doing in the 7-on-7 drills?

BB: "I feel I am playing well right now and I am slowly getting better and better every day."

JH: Are you still a solid verbal to OU?

BB: "Yes sir."

JH: The preseason magazines have the Sooners in pretty good shape, what do you think?

BB: "Oh, yes sir. I think they are going to be awesome. Through the various magazines they have six all-american's on defense and I am going to be a part of that defense someday. I can't wait."

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