Big 12 teleconference: Bob Stoops transcribed

NORMAN, Okla. — Head coach Bob Stoops won't be able to host his weekly press conference because he's heading to a funeral, but he did hop on the Big 12 Conference Teleconference and Sooners Illustrated has all the discussion.

Q-I heard you describe him [Justin Brown] a little bit like J.T. Thatcher. Is that correct?

A-Well, in just his physical stature and that you remember J.T. and all his returns, he was also pretty good at breaking tackles or getting, you know, running through arm tackles and those kinds of things and gaining those extra yards.

Q-Is Casey Walker gonna be back it looks like for the KSU game?

A-He's set to practice today, so yes he should be.

Q-Kenny Stills has had to pretty solid games to start the season. Has he sort of embraced the fact that he's the old guy as far as receivers and kind of taken a leadership role amongst the receivers?

A-Yes, he has. Kenny's had a really a great camp coming into the year and been much more businesslike in his approach and showing more leadership and it showed. You know, the first two games he's had, both games he's been over 100 yards in receiving and so he's doing a great job with it.

Q-And Damien Williams, to some extent did he sort of fall into you guys' lap? I mean, were you guys really needing or looking for a running back until you had those guys leave--I guess was it after Signing Day?

A-Well, no one really falls into your lap. You go recruit them, you know, and we had some guys because they weren't starting or playing as much as they thought [they should] do quit and, you know, went somewhere else. That's fine. And when that happened, yes we needed to go out and find a good back that has maturity and that's when we started, you know, looking at the possibility of some junior college guys.

Q-How has your defense coming along and could you talk about some of the things that you've seen there out of your defense that have impressed you?

A-It's coming along. I think overall our--you know, the fact that we're much more consistent in our assignments and what we need to do and being where we should be, those kinds of things are much better for the most part here in a couple games. You know, outside of that we'll just see. We're gonna [see]. I would say pass coverage has been really good. We had the one, you know, mistake the other night. And then run defense for the most part has been pretty good. I think they averaged two yards a carry the other night. We had I guess through the course of a 70-play game, there is a time or two where somebody got out of position and maybe gave up a little more of a run than we want. And that's gonna happen, and we're still learning from it. But I believe we're making strides.

Q-Are you satisfied with the pressure that you're getting on defense?

A-The pressure? As far as I know I think we're leading the league in sacks right now. So, I mean yeah, we're getting plenty of pressure and we've been pretty basic and not blitzing yet either. Not much anyway.

Q-How do you treat a Saturday off week during the college football season? Do you give the team a break for the day off Saturday, or do you just sit back and watch all the other games that are going on that day?

A-We give them Friday, Saturday, Sunday off. So, I imagine everybody's watching games whenever they're off.

Q-Will you tune into the North Texas game? Because I've talked to some coaches and that's what they do. They just watch the game live of their next opponent.

A- Well, sure. I mean, we have all those tapes as well. So, I'll skip around. I'll watch it, I'm sure. And I'll watch, you know, other games, but I'll go back through the TV replay myself. But I don't have to sit there through the commercials when I do that.

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