Offensive weekly Q&A: RB Damien Williams

NORMAN, Okla. — Sooners Illustrated presents a Q&A with running back Damien Williams to ask him if even he thought he would have the start he's had and more.

Q. Do you think you caught even some of your teammates off guard with your speed?

A. Oh I like being a surprise to people, you know, just letting people know what I can do. I don't want to be ever limited to anything, to just being a power back. If I can get in the open field, I'm going to take it the long way too. I like when people are kind of shocked at how things are going, but I just want to keep doing it, keep doing it week out and week in.

Q. We haven't gotten to see it much yet, but how do you feel you are at coming out of the backfield catching passes?

A. Oh I feel like I'm great at catching, you know, I like to consider myself as a receiver also. I feel like I can get in the slot sometime. At my junior college, they put me at slot a couple times, you know, threw me in the backfield, threw me out the backfield, caught the ball a couple times. So I feel like my hands, they're up there. I can catch at least.

Q. Two games in, you lead the nation in yards per carry average, is that something you ever thought would be said about you?

A. Oh, no, not at all, you know, I just come in and take whatever the line gives me. I'm playing hard for them guys really, so I give all the credit to them.

Q. Take us through the experience of playing on Owen Field for the first time. What was that experience like for you?

A. I've never been in front of a crowd like that, you know, let alone being at Oklahoma. Running out on the field, running to the opposite end zone, you know, it felt great hearing everybody cheer for you and just the roar of the crowd. It felt great.

Q. Every running back is different. How would you describe your style?

A. I'm big, but I'm gonna get through it, you know, you gotta make yourself get through the hole to be a running back, so if it's small, I'm gonna get through it. You gotta take what your line gives you. Every hole's not going to be perfect, so you gotta just get what you can take.

Q. What did you expect when the season began?

A. Just to show the team that I can put forth the effort right away. You know, just to show guys, you know, I'm coming from a junior college and it's not like Division 1 level, but I can still go out there and help everybody finish the job.

Q. JUCO's not high school, either. Were you ripping off runs like you have the last couple games?

A. Oh yeah, you know, I don't want to sound conceited or anything, but this is what I've kind of been doing and I just want to continue doing this.

Q. The way Oklahoma's used backs over the years, there's a lot more receiving involved, and Cale likes to tell us that you can't get on the field if you don't pass protect. How do you feel you're doing in that area?

A. I love pass protecting. I love protecting the quarterback and watching the quarterback throw the ball and letting the receivers get open and catch the ball, so I feel like even though you've got to be a great runner, you've got to be a great blocker, too.

Q. People are talking about how they could picture you playing anywhere on the field. Chuka said he sees you at middle linebacker:

A. Hah, I don't know about middle linebacker, you know, but I probably could see myself at like safety or something like that, but wherever coach puts me that's where I'm going to try to succeed.

Q. How do you feel Dominique Whaley is doing?

A. I feel like Dom's doing great. He's coming off a bad injury, you know, you're going to have some thoughts about it when you go into play. But hey, he's doing good. He's running hard and he's doing great at it. So I feel like everything's fine.

Q. When Oklahoma recruited you, what did they tell you why they wanted you here?

A. Just said they needed somebody else to come help. The running back game kind of fell off last year, you know, since DeMarco left. I feel like he came and got me for a reason, and I feel like I'm helping the team out so far.

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