Defensive weekly Q&A: DE Mike Onuoha

NORMAN, Okla. — Sooners Illustrated presents a Q&A with defensive end Mike Onuoha to get his thoughts about his first major action and how the transition to the college game has been for him.

Q. Has it started to kinda click for you?

A. Play and practice, yeah sorta. Just the fact that I can hang with some of the guys that's been here for at least two or three years and the guys that are a lot bigger than me, I just feel like if I just work a little harder, I can become a very good player.

Q. Now, was that your number one goal, to play yourself out of a redshirt season heading into summer workouts?

A. Oh yeah. Yeah, I definitely don't want to redshirt. If I have to, I have to, but other than that, I'm gonna keep working my butt off to get bigger and stronger and mentally better for football games.

Q. Well, everybody talks about your length and just how long you are. How does that help you in terms of keeping guys off you?

A. It helps a lot because if I fire my hands off a lot faster than the opponent, then there's almost no way they can grab me because I haven't met anybody around here that has the arm length that I do.

Q. Gary Simon's arms are pretty long, I heard?

A. Yeah, yeah, yeah. He actually has really long arms. He's slim yeah, kinda a basketball type.

Q. How many snaps did you get Saturday?

A. I believe 13 in all. Yeah, I was pretty excited to be out there.

Q. Did anything surprise you?

A. No, it was just like high school football, but just a faster pace and everything's just a lot more broad and more solid. You know what I mean?

Q. Is that kind of the thing that has been the biggest difference for you moving to the college game, just the speed of the game and stuff like that?

A. Yeah, just getting used to everything. Considerably yeah.

Q. People talk about you being such an athletic guy. I think they said you didn't lift weights until you came here or something like that?

A. Oh yeah. Yeah, I'm really a pass rush guy, but I want to gain enough weight to the point that I can hold a guy down and rip off and make the play.

Q. You didn't lift weights? Or was that [Charles] Tapper?

A. It was me. It was me and Tapper. I didn't really lift that much weights because I injured myself in high school and I didn't lift very much weights until I got here and I gained a lot more weight.

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