Big 12 teleconference: Bob Stoops transcribed

NORMAN, Okla. — Head coach Bob Stoops fielded questions on the weekly Big 12 teleconference about his team's upcoming contest against Kansas State, and Sooners Illustrated has all the discussion.

Q-I'm sure you have some memories of Kevin Lockett going against your defenses at Kansas State as well as everything he did in games. How good a player was he in your recollection.

A-Kevin was a great player. He was one of our better players for sure and great young man and very productive, excellent player for us at Kansas State.

Q-I guess Kevin wasn't recruited real hard by many schools in Oklahoma and I guess Tyler probably wasn't either. Knowing how good of a player Kevin was, how tempted were you to go after Tyler?

A-Well, we always thought Tyler was an excellent player, too. And obviously all the things he's doing there we're very aware of it. So, I'm excited for their family. They're two really good ball players.

Q-Bob, I don't know if you got to see yesterday. But the Giants and Buccaneers had a paly at the end of the game where they're in the victory formation taking a knee and then the Buccaneers charged through. Gerald McCoy's one of the guys. What is the edicate late in games when they're just milking the clock taking a knee. Do you play to the final whistle or is it just one of those things where you're supposed to let them take a knee and end the game?

A-Well, you know, in the end I don't know. Let those guys figure it out. In the end, you are showing being decent and just finishing the game. You know, I'm trying [to think]. I don't know what the score was, b[ut in the end, you know, it is fair if you're within a score to [try]. It's happened before where someone's muffed a ball or something happens that you still got to play it out. But I don't know. There's no good answer there.

Q-You've prepared for a long time against Bill Snyder, prepared a long time with him as well. What's it like to face his teams and what do you expect out of them this weekend?

A-Well, they're an excellent team so the preparation for them is always complicated. Coach has a big playbook and, you know, the way they use the quarterback in all the different ways they run and play action, [there's] a lot to work on. So, it's always a tough preparation and they always play well and play hard.

Q-Bob, what do you see out of Kansas State's defensive line. It seems like they've shown a lot of improvement so far this year?

A-Yeah, good guys that are very active, play physical. You know, they've got a good number of sacks. They get good pressure, so they're just a group that you could tell plays real disciplined and plays tough.

Q-Who jumps out at you guys that is really going to be a handful?

A-Well, shoot, all of them. They do a good job and I know one D-end they think got two sacks, a couple fumbles. So, you know, you gotta deal with all of them.

Q-Coach, what are your impressions of Kansas State so far this season and your thoughts on their quarterback Collin Klein? How difficult will it be to contain him since he can run and throw the ball?

A-They look like always an excellent football team. They're doing a great job, you know, of running the football like always and using the quarterback to run it and got a little more passing this year. So, Collin does a great job. Big, strong guy that can run and can take his, you know, run through you, run through arm tackles, those kinds of things. So, you really gotta do a good job when you are tackling him squaring him up. Like always, just like a year ago, it'll be a challenge.

Q-Coach, speaking of Collin Klein how similar do you feel like he and Blake Bell are as quarterbacks?

A-Well, there are size similarities, although Blake's actually, I believe, even a little bigger. You know, I think Blake's about 6-6, 255 but Collin still is a big guy that can run. Blake can run well. You know, he does a good job, too, and so there's a fair amount of similarities really.

Q-Bob, you spent a lot of your formative years as a young coach around Coach Snyder not only at Iowa but also at K-State. What did you learn from him and how has it impacted how you build your program?

A- Well, I learned a ton from Coach Snyder and we were. I was around him a great number of years not only as a player but then as a young graduate assistant I kinda worked the scout team defense against his offense every day for about five years. So, we did have a lot of time around each other and then as seven years there as an assistant coach. So, you know, the attention to detail, the determination, the focus in your preparation and in your team's preparation are some things that I always remember being very detailed in everything that we were doing with Coach Snyder.

Q-It also looks like you've tried to keep some of the same coaches who were with you at Kansas State to come into your program. How has that helped your program by having such a constant flow of forming Snyder assistant coaches in your program?

A-Well, I mean, I had some. They've been gone, though, for awhile. You know, when you look at [most of them]. I guess Mike's back, but we all--the guys working together primarily was Mike and I and Brent Venables. You know, we were part of building our defense there at K-State, so that was a plus in that we were all on the same page when we started implementing our defense. And then really just Coach Mangino, I think, was the only guy that I brought with me offensively. But we started with Texas Tech's offense. I mean, well at that time it was Kentucky, Al Mummy's offense at Kentucky. I hired Mike Leach to be my offensive coordinator and so offensively we were really quite different. So, I don't know how much the coaches had to do with it other than me, Mike and Brent working together.

Q-Bob, Collin Klein did a lot of work in the offseason on his passing. From what you've seen so far, is it obvious he's improved in that?

A-Yes, definitely. You can tell he's improved in it and their willingness to throw it. You know, both of those things together that you can tell that's been a focus.

Q-Coach Stoops, Iowa State has gone through a pretty amazing run here where they've actually committed a lot of turnovers but they still manage to win games and as someone that's kinda coached against them and just knows the nature of the emotion of what turnovers can do, what does that say about a team's resiliency and maybe also just the defense in itself from not letting an opponent score once the offense does commit and turnover?

A- Yeah, I think it takes both. You know, it takes the attitude but then a great defense to go out and stop them, you know, the attitude to stop them once they have had a turnover. So, I haven't been able to see much yet with Iowa State, so I'm sure Paul [Rhoads] and his staff are doing a great job.

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