Offensive weekly Q&A: WR Trey Metoyer

NORMAN, Okla. — Sooners Illustrated met up with wide receiver Trey Metoyer this week to get his thoughts on it being his first Big 12 Conference game, see if his older teammates have given him any advice and more.

Q. Are you starting to feel it's a conference week coming up?

A. Yeah, I am. Like I said, it's really intense. You can tell by the coaches. You can tell by the practice tempo. Coaches out there, they're yelling everywhere. And now I know it's here, so now it's up to us to step up our game and just do what they tell us to do and that's play.

Q. Have you watched film from last year and how basically OU just demolished K-State in the second half?

A. Yeah, they did. Yeah, they did. But like Coach said, K-State's a different team this year. And we are, too. So, anything can happen. We just gotta go out there, try to do what we did last year and just play ball.

Q. Have your teammates told you anything about what--I know you've played two games already, this is your first conference game--have they told you anything about just the stakes being higher?

A. Yeah, well they told me they hit harder. You know, they told me it's gonna be a lot more bigger guys. They play smart, the defense. They pretty much know their schemes and everything else. Like I said, it's gonna be our job to outthink them and outsmart them and just play.

Q. What have you seen from K-State defensively on film. They're really physical obviously is the one thing that probably stands out to you, but what have you seen from them?

A. Well, you know, K-State's not a pushover. You know, they're gonna come out there ready to play just like we are. And like I said, the main point is us coming out there and just the main thing is how we're gonna start it off. We gotta come out there quick, let ‘em know we're here and just go from there.

Q. Trey, so far you've loved the physical game of D-I football. So, this will be a big challenge because this is kinda what this team believes they are as good or better than anybody around, right?

A. Right, right and as far as that's why I said everything. You know, but I just feel like that we have to come out there and just jump on them quick. They're real physical, not hurt from other guys that played them last year. They hit hard, you know, and guys are more bigger. But like I said, that's when your smartness comes in. You just gotta play smart. That's all it is.

Q. I think this is a little bit of a different thought process when it comes to you. Everybody heard about the big catches, the big hands and the ability to catch, run after the catch. Nobody talked about you being physical or liking to block or anything like that. I think people are finding out you like to be a football player?

A. Right, right and then, you know, then again that's what I want people to think. Just then again, that just motivates me. And I like hearing that because that's just letting me know what I need to work on more. But at the same time, as us as a team, you know, it's for all of us to get better. That's what we all want to do.

Q. Talk about their secondary and what they bring to the table:

A. Well, you know, as them being a good team, everybody knows K-State. Secondary's real smart. They play a lot of zone, so it's gonna be our job just trying to get in them holes, get in them creases, sit down, let Landry put it in the spot.

Q. We saw you and Landry and Justin, Landry through a bunch more during the off week after practice than he did during practice. How much do you feel like you guys grew as a unit or that relationship that you have with him, how much did it grow?

A. Well, it grew a lot, especially this bye week. And I can tell during practice. I could tell after practice. I mean, it's just there. You know, and I feel like I just hope it carries on to Saturday and we just go out there and play.

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