RECRUITING: Bomar has three favorites

Grand Prairie, Texas QB Rhett Bomar talks about his trip to Texas, his baseball career, narrowing down his list and his thoughts on Oklahoma

Grand Prairie, Texas QB Rhett Bomar will be on his way to the Elite 11 Quarterback camp in Las Angeles on Wednesday. It is no surprise that Bomar is among the finest 11 quarterbacks in the country, and many feel he is the top quarterback in the country.

Recently on WKY Radio in Oklahoma City, I had a chance to speak with Bomar about his trip to Florida State and get the latest on his recruitment.

JH: How was your trip to Florida State last week?

RB: "It was great trip for me. I have never been down there and I have always wanted to see their campus, because I have always liked them since I was a little kid. It was great to get down there and see the place and meet everybody. It was a real fun trip."

JH: Did your family make a vacation out of it or was it just you and your dad?

RB: "My dad went down there before me, because he was working the camp. Then I went down there for one day, so it was just me and him."

JH: Did you go there to work out or was it more of a sightseeing trip?

RB: "I got down there on Tuesday and I just walked around and looked at everything. They gave me a tour, you could say. Wednesday morning was the last day of the camp and I threw a little on Wednesday morning. My throwing session lasted only an hour or so and that was just about it."

JH: Now that you have seen the campuses of Oklahoma, Texas and Florida State, would you say that they are distinctly different?

RB: "Yeah, I would say that they are. I guess you would say that Austin is bigger than the other two. They have more people there and it is more city-like. Oklahoma and Florida State are both real nice. They are both smaller towns and more college town oriented."

JH: I have always heard that Tallahassee and Norman are similar even though they are separated by a great distance. Would you agree with that?

RB: "Yes, I would say that is correct. I would say that everything is close together at both of those schools. Everything is within walking distance at both Oklahoma and Florida State. You get a small college atmosphere at both places and both places are pretty nice."

JH: Did you grow up a Florida State fan?

RB: "I really didn't grow up a fan of any college, but when I was younger I always liked them because they were really good. So, I kind of liked them when I was younger."

JH: Are you beginning to concentrate more on football now at this point this summer?

RB: "We are definitely beginning to concentrate only on football. We start practice August 11 and that is less than a month away. We are starting to get down into it and I am looking forward to it, and I am starting to concentrate on getting ready for practice."

JH: Is baseball over for the summer?

RB: "Baseball is over and I am glad. I am kind of tired of baseball, because I have been playing since February. I finished up well and our team did really good. It was fun, but I am glad that it is over."

JH: Is baseball still in your future plans?

RB: "Yes, baseball is next spring and it will be my senior year, so I will be playing. We will have another good team, so I will be looking forward to that. After that I am not sure what will happen with baseball. I don't know if I will keep playing or not. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens when the time comes."

JH: Now that you have been to Florida State does that change your perception of the Seminoles?

RB: "They have always been up there, but now that I have seen them first-hand and met the coaches and all, it certainly puts them up there and helps them out. I have been to all these other places quite a few times, but I have never been to Florida State before. I wanted to go down and see it for myself and get a different perspective on it. I would say it helps them out."

JH: As you get ready to go to the Elite 11 camp, how would you say recruiting shakes out for you?

RB: "There are a number of schools that I like, but I would say the top three are Oklahoma, Texas and Florida State. Right now, at this poin,t it is probably those three, but there are still some other schools that I am looking at as well. I would say right now that those are the top three schools."

JH: Do you feel like you need to cut your recruiting totally down to three schools so that you can concentrate on just those three, or will you continue to deal with the other schools as well?

RB: "It just depends on when you are going to make your decision. When you are getting closer to your decision you will probably cut it down to a just two or three schools. Until that point you just try to keep your options open and listen to everybody."

JH: Are you close to making your decision at this point?

RB: "No, I don't think I am yet. But like I said, I do think I have a top three."

JH: What are the major differences between those top three schools?

RB: "They are all the same in that they are all great programs. At all three programs you are always going to have a chance to win. I guess you have some difference in the coaching staff, but all the coaches we have met from all three schools are really nice guys. It is hard to say what the major differences in the three schools are."

JH: Is this a decision that you are torn over to the point that you are thinking about it all the time?

RB: "Yeah, it is tough trying not to think about it. You have so many great schools that have an interest in you and that is tough to wade through. That is just how it goes and you have to find the positives in each school and narrow your choices down from there and eventually pick one. I have a good idea about which schools I like the best and that helps out at this time."

JH: Here it is in the middle of July, so let's ask you what you think about Oklahoma?

RB: "I like Oklahoma a lot and they are up there at the very top. When I went up there about a month ago I had a really good visit and it was really fun. I just feel that I would fit in good up there and I like the coaches a lot. It is just a great place and I like it a lot."

JH: How many days are you going to be in LA?

RB: "We are leaving on Wednesday and coming back on Sunday."

JH: You have been all over the place this summer haven't you?

RB: "Yeah, we really have."

JH: Are you looking forward to just settling down and playing some football?

RB: "Yeah, I am tired of going to all these places. I am looking forward to playing this season and going through my senior year."

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