Big 12 teleconference: Bob Stoops transcribed

NORMAN, Okla. — Head coach Bob Stoops got on the conference call again this morning, this time to preview the Texas Tech Red Raiders, and Sooners Illustrated has all the discussion.

Q-Bob, when you look at Texas Tech's defense from what you've seen from this year to last year, why have they made such big improvements?

A-Well, you see they're playing a lot more aggressive. They're really physical up front. They're covering people, tight coverage. So, just everything just looks stronger, more disciplined in how they're playing.

Q-Where do you feel like Art Kaufman sort of made his biggest impact on them? I mean, what sort of sticks out to you?

A-Well, all of what I just said, just the overall discipline and how physical they're playing, the tight coverage. You know, all of that.

Q-Bob, just talk about the physicality on both lines and where you think that is for your team right now:

A-Well, I think it's good. I mean, we played a very physical, good football team in Kansas State a week ago and probably one of the more physical teams and I didn't feel like we got beat up there. I thought we handled ourselves really both sides of the ball fairly well. We fumbled the ball twice. That was a major part of the game. But overall I think we're in good shape. We just have to keep trying to make some improvement, but I feel like those guys are doing a good job up front both sides.

Q-And a lot is being made about going out to Lubbock where you all haven't won since 2003, but just talk about the mindset of your football team coming off the bye week:

A-Well, you know, our guys are working hard. We had a great week last week of practice. I think as much as anything that's what matters, you know, is how you prepare and they've got a good attitude in the way they're working. So, we'll go in excited and ready for the challenge of it.

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