Wednesday with Stoops: 10-31

NORMAN, Okla. — Head coach Bob Stoops met with the media for the final time this week before heading to Ames, and Sooners Illustrated has all the tidbits.

  • Like we said, defensive back Quentin Hayes has been reinstated, but head coach Bob Stoops wouldn't talk too much about it: "No, he's just reinstated...Practiced like everyone else practiced today. He doesn't deserve any talking about. He hasn't played yet."
  • However, there's been no change with two other guys that were suspended indefinitely, wide receiver Jaz Reynolds and defensive back Trey Franks, Stoops said: "No. They obviously haven't been reinstated since nothing's been said."
  • As for Hayes, it'll all be about getting into the rotation whether or not he'll play. A redshirt is not available for him since he did so back in 2010: "We'll see. He's been redshirted."
  • And it's a labrum injury that forced shoulder for tight end Taylor McNamara, who can redshirt: "I believe that's what it was. He had shoulder surgery, so."
  • Running back Damien Williams and offensive tackle Lane Johnson are still suffering from their ankle injuries, but the two of them both practiced today. Stoops, though, would not give a statement on whether or not they will play: "Yeah, they both worked today. Lane did more than Damien. So, we're still unsure just yet, but I'll through Pete [Moris] have something out tomorrow after practice."
  • He did say Dominique Whaley will be the starter should Williams not be able to go.
  • Getting to the game this weekend, Stoops talked about what impressed him when Iowa State played K-State since they played them closer than anyone else outside of OU: "Oh, what you see every week. You see very disciplined, good football. You see guys fundamentally really sound, technique sound, structure. They're very smart in how they play. And so just a good, disciplined football team. Well, to me again, and what I mean by that isn't just a generic term. Fundamentals and scheme that's correct. You know, they know what they're doing."
  • Then came an interesting discussion about Iowa State growing the grass high. Do they do it on purpose like Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy said last year after their upset loss? I don't think so. Yeah, it's been awhile. I don't really [know]. I don't ever buy into any of that, you know, In the end, they run [the same way]. Why?...So that means they're better on higher grass? I don't [know that]."
  • It certainly does make sense, though, that teams in more colder weather environments would do that, such as Missouri did a few years ago: "Yeah, but I don't think that teams up there have much of a choice with weather. You know? I don't think that's an issue to us."
  • From there it migrated to talk about OU's trick plays. Stoops said they package a handful a season, combined on offense and special teams: "It varies. You mean each game or through the year? Through the year there's probably eight to 10."
  • Moving on, with all the offensive innovation this day and age in college football, there has to be some defensive innovation, right? Here's Stoops' thoughts on that: "Yeah, you know, there have been innovations. I think Monte Kiffin, you know, in a lot of the zone blitzing and then the traditional Tampa 2 that everybody runs is Monte's [trademark] it sounds like. And then of course the D-coordinator with the Steelers is always coming up with--Dick LeBeau is also a guy that seems to always come up with different wrinkles. So, they're out there."
  • Finally, the Sooners got slot receiver Jalen Saunders a program record-tying 15 receptions the other night, so did they game plan for that? "No, it's not a fluke. Well, it just kinda happened in the way they were defending the one. A lot of those were bubbles, screens that a run is called and it ends up a pass and because of how they were defending it, the pass was a better option than the run. So, it can happen like that at times if they're gonna squeeze the run off as much as they do."

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