Wednesday with Stoops: 11-7

NORMAN, Okla. — Head coach Bob Stoops met with the media Wednesday to talk OU-Nebraska future and more, and SI has it.

  • Of course, the Sooners and Cornhuskers are set to renew their rivalry starting in the 2021 season with the first contest in Norman and the year after in Lincoln, and Stoops said he hopes he's still coaching at that time. Dave Sittler went so far as to say Stoops' kids will be coaching on staff with him when that game is played. His thoughts on that? "Hopefully they're doing something else. But yeah, I don't know about that, but geez, how old would they be? They'd be 22. Yeah, who knows? Who knows?"
  • One of his son's allegedly had 50 points in a basketball game, so could he be doing that instead of coaching a few years down the line? Stoops chuckled at that and the talk of his kid scoring 50 anyway: "No. I think one of the parents thought he had 50, 49 or 50 in one of the summer games. I don't know. I wasn't there, so that's just what a parent thought they had kept up with how many. So, who knows? It's probably somewhere [around there]. Had a good night. Had a good day."
  • The other interesting comment he had tonight dealt with Texas head coach Mack Brown's comments the other day that the horns down were disrespectful. Said Stoops: "Maybe that's the down side of having a one-handed hand signal."
  • As far as the injury situation goes with offensive tackle Lane Johnson and running back Damien Williams, it at least sounds positive. They've accelerated the process this week: "Yeah, they've practiced more this week, and Lane has been out there a lot more. He says he feels a lot better. Damien, same thing, he's been in more. But you know how it is with running back. We'll probably have to wait and see where that goes by Friday or probably even I'm sure it'll Saturday warming up, same kind of thing, see how he feels and how he can really cut."
  • One of the success stories with this team is center Austin Woods, who defeated cancer. Stoops, though, said he hasn't noticed more strength in the last few days compared to the ones in which he just finished chemo, though he admitted that's probably the case: "I haven't noticed how much more. You'd have to probably ask him, but he's always done a good job being out there."
  • The Sooners have their toughest stretch for the defense coming up with a set of prolific offenses in Baylor (No. 1 in the country), West Virginia and Oklahoma State in the docket the next three weeks. So, what is the recruiting challenge to combat those? "Just that. I mean I think you have to be fast and able to match up and you better have, for most of the league, you better have a bunch of DBs. And then when you play people like K-State or whoever's running the football more, you better be able to be physical and disciplined and tackle well, too."
  • Stoops, who said versatility is even more important when it comes to recruiting kids to defend these potent offenses, admitted defensive coordinator Mike Stoops has added confidence to the secondary: "Well, I mean we feel that way, but you still have your match-ups and you still have to go do it and execute properly and be fundamentally sound in what you're doing. You have to go do it, but we'll know what we're doing. And, you know, we'll see where it goes come Saturday."
  • As for those particular offenses, Stoops said two of the three are alike and one is actually different, the one they're facing this weekend: "Well, you know, everyone says that [Baylor is similar], but these guys are much different than what West Virginia and Oklahoma State [do]. West Virginia and Oklahoma State are very much alike, and so anymore you get it from about everybody."
  • It has to be an advantage, then, that OU plays WVU and OSU in back-to-back weeks, right? "Oh, I don't know about help, but I mean we're familiar them. And yeah, I guess it doesn't hurt."

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