Wednesday with Stoops: 11-14

NORMAN, Okla. — Head coach Bob Stoops met with the media Wednesday for his final media session before heading to Morgantown, and SI has it.

  • The Sooners hammered the Texas A&M Aggies 51-6 to score a big upset back in 1999, but Stoops remembers just one part of that very vividly: a successful fake field goal that should NOT have been: "And great story. Pete Fletcher bailed me out of the worst field goal fake ever. Remember against A&M? It was set up beautiful. Tight end's flare, corner routed. Guys went to the flat, middle of the field parted like the red sea. I'm looking down there [saying], ‘Where's he at?' The kickers supposed to be running down there. He never went. We told everybody but the kicker. I'm like, ‘You gotta be kidding me.' And then he went to doing his deal, man. He went to running around and scrambled and made a first down, had no business making a first down. We scored a touchdown a few plays later. I still hug him on that one when I see him."
  • Then, we reflected on former backup quarterback Jake Sills, who is now a secret service agent in El Paso. Stoops' response: "Oh, is he? That's a scary place to be one of those. I think I'd ask for a transfer somewhere. Go to San Diego. That's probably not a whole lot better, is it?"
  • Before that, Stoops raved about the guys on the scout team. One in particular that we inquired about is quarterback Trevor Knight, who has looked very, very good: "Really good. He's doing great. He's--I'm not gonna say too much here to get him [talked up]--but we like him."
  • Some more that have looked good? "Derrick Woods has looked great. Let me think here. You know, defensively Zack Sanchez looks really good. Who else you asking about here? I'm trying to think who. I don't know. There's too many of them out there...Alex, those guys all do good. Yeah, the running backs."
  • Stoops told me he's been very satisfied with all the guys on the offensive line keeping this thing together through all the injuries: "Yeah, you know, it helps I think definitely. You have confidence in him now. Gabe's [Ikard] better. Bronson Irwin's better than he was a week ago, and Adam [Shead] has been doing good. So, you know, it feels good to have those guys back."
  • Ikard has been practicing all week and there's no change from what I reported the other day: he's set to go.
  • But because of the injuries they've dealt with on the O-line, has this unit been more impressive than some of those in the past? "Yeah, they've been a great group. They've really had a great culture about them of being tough and working hard and doing all they can to stay on the field and to stay on the field for practice. So, and I think we'll go into this game better than we have been, which is positive."
  • There's no doubt that the offensive line, though, has had their fair share of adversity to fight through, and that's limited them in practice at least some: "Well, I'd just say with everybody at this point in the year with only three games left as you can see, practice is just a little shorter. We don't hit nearly as much. We don't go against each other quite as much. Still do some one-on-ones to try and stay sharp. Yeah, because you just can't afford to lose anybody, you know, so you're just more aware of it. And I think they get a little more--if you're doing too much of it, they can get worn down."
  • There's also no doubt that some of these injuries and little nicks are inevitable: "Yeah, and defense. You know, those guys if you think about it, I mean there's impact. Three-hundred pounds each pushing on each other, ankles and knees and helmets and shoulders every snap. You know, not like a DB or a linebacker you may have 10 tackles in the game. They're gonna run into somebody every single snap. So, it's a lot of hitting."
  • One other thing: Stoops said they'll enjoy the trip into Morgantown that they've never had before: Well, I guess you do on the ride in. Like that was cool with Washington, going over the bridge. You can't help but notice that."

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