Big 12 teleconference: Bob Stoops transcribed

NORMAN, Okla. — Head coach Bob Stoops discussed the challenges moving forward on the conference call, and Sooners Illustrated has all the discussion.

Q-Wanted to talk to you a little bit about the Big 12 TItle scenarios. Things sort of got shook up a lot this past weekend. Can you talk a little bit about where you feel your chances lie and why you feel that way?

A- Not really. I just all I know is we gotta play a good Oklahoma State football team this week to have a chance at anything.

Q-And if you win your last two, then you basically become UT fans when UT plays Kansas State. How comfortable does that feel?

A- We're not there yet. You'd have to ask me that then.

Q-Hey coach. I'm guessing that was a fairly frustrating night defensively for you and your staff on Saturday night after having not many days like that this year. When you guys went back and looked at the tape, did you put your finger on something that was giving you guys trouble?

A- It's a combination of things. FIrst, let's give credit to [Tavon] Austin, their running back. You know, he's an exceptional athlete. He hadn't been back there hardly at all before. He made a lot of plays and made us miss him. So, some of it's missed tackles. Some of it's he's capable of making you miss tackles. Because the other running backs that were in there didn't have nearly the success he did running a lot of the same plays, so some of it's [him] and then some of it's our technique and what we're asking our guys to do. So, we feel we need to make some adjustments there to tackle better in some occasions. Then again, give their guys some credit for making some special plays.

Q-And just your thoughts on Landry in the fourth quarter, coming down to lead you guys to a couple of scores, the fourth down play. He's setting a lot of records obviously for your school and maybe outside sometimes people get on him. He's won a lot of games. Just talk about how good he was on the road in that fourth quarter?

A- Well, the guy's sensational as he has been for so much of his career and was great again, poised and confidence. He went right down the field, didn't flench. I thought he was great, even made the check on fourth down on his own. He saw space between, had confidence Kenny [Stills] would beat the guy to the spot and sure enough, he did. Landry threw a perfect ball right on his face mask, so great and again, when we have lost a game, it's rarely been his fault. So, in the end, a lot of people don't know what they're talking about. I shouldn't say a lot, but a few that might say what you were just talking about.

Q-And what are your thoughts about Oklahoma State? They've had to run through [things] all the way down to their third string quarterback. It seems like they've had pretty good quarterback play all year despite anyone who's in there. Just your thoughts on Bedlam this time around coming off a loss to them last year?

A- They really have been very productive offensively and with different quarterbacks, and I think the strength of what they do is running the football. So, that'll be a big issue for us, to make some changes and hopefully be more prepared to handle it.

Q-Bob, some people overlook, when you look at Oklahoma State, their defense. It seems like they really have made some big strides here since the start of the season. Why do you think they've played so well down the stretch the last three or four games?

A- They're really good and fundamentally sound in what they ask their guys to do. Their technique, their disciplined in what they do and they got good players, you know, that are out there playing good fundamental football. So, Bill [Young] and their staff, they do a really good job of making you being disciplined, making you work to beat them.

Q-How much of a challenge is it to go against a veteran guy like Bill on the other side of the field?

A- Well again, we're not going against him. It's the defense and I just said all the things that they do well, so that's the difficulty is they just are good, fundamentally sound team. So, that's the challenge of it.

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