Big 12 teleconference: Bob Stoops transcribed

NORMAN, Okla. — Head coach Bob Stoops hopped on the conference call Monday morning, and Sooners Illustrated has all the discussion.

Q-Bob, when you guys look back--I think you guys played TCU once or twice since--but what do you remember about that '05 game when TCU came to Norman?

A- I remember them playing well, being more physical than we were. I remember I lost a whole slew of players from the 2003 and 2004 season, and I was very inexperienced, especially in the O-line.

Q-Do you feel like people saw their program a little bit differently after that game?

A- I don't know.

Q-Coach, when you look at the fact that 90 percent of the teams in the Big 12 are already bowl eligible--obviously this is a very deep league--but from your perspective, just how deep has the Big 12 been this season?

A- It's 10 deep. How else do you want me to say it? So, there's a lot of good football teams. There's great parity.

Q-Bob, when you look at what Landry's done for you all, not only with the game at West Virginia, but to obviously get the game with Oklahoma State in overtime where you guys pulled it out, what have you seen from him from a leadership stand point that might be just a hair different from what you've seen throughout his career there?

A- Well, I've seen it for a long time with Landry. He's a great quarterback, very skilled, incredible arm. He's got poise, you know, and the fun part really through the whole second half of this season [is] he's trusting all his receivers. And when you can go through your reads and you don't have to force the ball to any one guy, it really helps you and he really trusts all of them and he's doing a great job reading things out and getting it to the right guys.

Q-Bob do you was described during the game on TV it was kind of a love-hate relationship between the OU fans and him. Do you think that's been unfair on him?

A- I think that's been overplayed in that that's 5 or 10 percent of ignorant fans that don't understand, that are never happy. You know, so you don't think there's 90 percent of our fans love the guy? I promise you they do, and so the media gets something that they can throw out there and I'm not being critical, either. But no, it makes for a story. But in the end, the guy's got Big 12 records and records here and wins. He's won a Big 12 Championship, a BCS bowl for us. What else you want? So, the guy's been fabulous and again, 90 percent of our fans understand that.

Q-Finally, I just wanted to see when you look at Devonte Fields on film, what stands out about him?

A- Just an excellent player. You know, they got a bunch of good football players and skill and speed, all those things.

Q-Bob, Jalen Saunders and Justin Brown both have been in your program and both have really come on during the course of the season. You've talked about the lift that your offense received with their emergence the last few games.

A- Yeah, well Justin's been from the beginning just a huge presence, very strong, great competitor. Caught 15 balls the other day and really played tough and physical and took care of the football, was great. And Jalen, you know, came on about little before mid-year and is just a spark and just his elusiveness, his quickness, ability to make big plays and he's been making them. And we've been anxious to get him some punt returns, and fortunately we got him in there at the right time the other night, and he broke one for 81 yards.

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