Stills: 'I'm letting my parents handle it'

NORMAN, Okla. — Sooner wide receiver Kenny Stills wants no part of the National Football League discussion right now, at least not until after the Cotton Bowl.

He's leaving all that deliberation and discussion to his parents right now.

"My dad played in the league so I'm not really worried about myself," Still said. "I think he's kinda taking care of that. My parents are doing that stuff for me. I'm just trying to focus on the game and limit the distractions as much as I can."

Probed again, he reiterated that statement.

"Yeah, they're handling all that stuff," Stills said. "I'm not a part of it. I've done my best to kinda stay away from it because I know that's all it is is a distraction."

Stills did, however, admit he'd have the final say after the bowl game no matter what his parents came up with.

"It's more myself making the decision, but I'm letting my parents handle it now just because I mean we have a game to play and it's a big game to us.," Stills said. "You know, we feel like other than the national championship, this is the biggest game to watch. And we know that, so we want to go out there and play well and try to make our conference [look] better."

The Sooners, of course, play former Big 12 rival and inaugural SEC member Texas A&M in Jerry World Jan. 4, and it's a chance for him to build on what has already been a great season.

He leads the team in all three major receiving categories with 75 catches for 892 yards and 11 touchdowns.

Stills' defining moment of the season came when he hauled in a game-winning 5-yard touchdown against West Virginia back in mid-November.

But, admittedly, he focuses on the negatives more in an effort to perfect his game and that's why he's found things he can still improve on.

"I'm my biggest critic, always have high expectations for myself and there's still too many times where I'm dropping easy balls and kinda leaning my body out there," Stills said. "And I definitely expect a little bit more from myself."

That would indicate there's at least a solid chance the California native could return to Norman next season.

But again, that's a chance, and far from certainty.

Position coach and co-offensive coordinator Jay Norvell said, as head coach Bob Stoops suggested the other day, the staff will sit down with him and evaluate where he'll potentially go in the draft in order to accurately make the best decision when he has to make it.

In fact, they've already had some of those discussions.

"We've talked about it and we always try to help these guys get as much information as we possibly can," Norvell said. "So, you know, Kenny [and me], we've talked after the season and we'll continue to talk and just try to get guys as much information as possible. I think we owe it to them, and Coach Stoops always does a good job. There's certain guys that will get their paperwork back from the league and get their projections, and then after the bowl game they'll make a decision."

So, they'll seek out their likely projections from those closest to the draft rooms and go about it from there.

"I mean we've talked about it," Norvell said. "We have year-in evaluations with every player, and that was something we talked about. And I mean I don't think—this is 2012—the reality is that some kids leave early. Talk about it. It's not something that we shy away from, and we try to [educate them]. You know, we got a lot of resources. We got a lot of information from the next level and we try to give guys information so they can make accurate decisions.

"So, you don't want to make decisions without information in play, so we've got a lot of resources. We know a lot of people. Coach Stoops and our coaching staff knows a lot of people, all of them. You know, I think guys gotta make decisions with their eyes wide open. We try to help them do that."

Stills just won't make that decision just yet.

And he won't even ponder it, at least publicly, until after the Cotton Bowl.

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