Favorite Christmas gifts

NORMAN, Okla. — In honor of the season, Sooners Illustrated has compiled a special feature where some Sooner football players recall the best Christmas presents they've ever received.

Quarterback Landry Jones: "Oh my gosh. The most memorable gift…I think when I was a young kid, my parents had gotten me a bike and I'd always wanted one, so I think that was the most memorable gift that I've had."

Wide receiver Kenny Stills: "When I was a little kid, I was a big fan of Pooh Bear and I got a big Pooh Bear, probably like knee high. And I was four years old, so that was probably me favorite gift…Yeah, I still got him at my house. My mom keeps all my stuffed animals."

Offensive tackle Lane Johnson: "Probably my first truck, Christmas present from my grandpa. Kinda got tired of walking, having to call my parents to come pick me up. So, getting that first truck was probably my best gift that I ever got."

Defensive end David King: "Two years ago I got a game ball when the Lakers came to town to play the Rockets and Kobe signed it to me, Kobe Bryant. He said ‘Boomer Sooner,' so you know. And I got his sweat band, too, so I still got that at home in my little glass case. That was probably my best Christmas gift… My friend's dad knew like Clyde Drexler. Clyde Drexler got it signed at the game, and then he gave it to my friend's dad, who gave it to me. But that was probably my best Christmas gift, and I still go home and look at that sweatband."

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