Millard pondering NFL option as bowl nears

IRVING, Texas — While everyone talks about the looming NFL Draft decisions for Sooner wide receiver Kenny Stills and free safety Tony Jefferson, there's another guy sitting back there weighing his options: fullback Trey Millard.

Millard, a 6-foot-2, 256-pound junior from Columbia, Mo., told reporters Monday morning during offensive interviews for the Cotton Bowl that he has sent his information in and got a draft grade back on where he would likely go.

"Now it just comes back as a top three rounds or not top three rounds, and I was not in the top three," said Millard, who has four touchdown catches and 331 receiving yards, while rushing for another 170.

That may seem at the onset seem like really positive news when it comes to Millard possibly returning for his senior season, but the fact of the matter is elevation isn't really there all that much for a fullback in the draft.

A fullback likely won't benefit as much in a rise in draft stock as a player from another position might.

And that could play into his decision when he makes it after Friday's season-finale against Texas A&M.

"Kinda just because since you can't really move up as far as into that first round, just knowing that your best grade isn't the same as what other people would get," Millard said. "I mean, yeah, you have to take that into account. I have been thinking about it, and it's gonna go from there."

For the time being, however, Millard said he is still undecided on which way he'll go.

"I haven't really made my decision yet," Millard said.

When he does eventually pull the trigger one way or the other, though, his degree won't play into the equation.

Millard is set to graduate next December and he could work that out over time, he said.

Additionally, he'll have his parents' full support, something that will make the process much easier.

"Yeah, I definitely do," Millard said. "They said that they're gonna be behind me no matter what I do. They said that when I was picking schools. Obviously I'm from Missouri and I didn't go there. So, I have great parents and they're gonna stand behind me no matter what my decision is."

Sooner fans hope that decision lends towards another year at Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, but that is certainly up in the air now.

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