Sooner spring practice report: March 27

NORMAN, Okla. — The defense met with the media for the first time since spring break, and Sooners Illustrated has a notebook.

The defense met with the media for the first time since spring break, and Sooners Illustrated has a notebook.

  • Defensive lineman Chuka Ndulue has moved inside and will work some both there and outside during the season. It sounds as if things are working well with the move, though: "It didn't bother me. I mean, I saw David [King] do it, so if he can do it, why can't I? We both got recruited here."
  • Ndulue said he likes the transition: "It's a big boy's game. So, I like that a lot. I already told them I like hitting people, so when I got there, I get to hit people a lot quicker. So, I like that a lot."
  • Speaking of Ndulue some more, defensive line coach Jerry Montgomery said he has been the most impressive lineman so far. But he likes what he sees in most of the group: "Some days we gotta be more consistent. Torrea's [Peterson] doing a good job. Chuka's doing a good job. Actually Rashod Favors is doing a good job, and each day is a new adventure, right?"
  • The word that comes to mind for Montgomery about defensive ends Mike Onuoha and Charles Tapper is "flashes": "We gotta get them to play every down. It's big boy football and that's part of it, so they're learning what it takes to be a Big 12 athlete on every snap."
  • It sounds as if the coaching scheme has cut down on the 3-4 scheme some for one reason or another, as defensive tackle Jordan Phillips said the following: "We've been playing a lot of 4-3. We thought we were gonna play 3-4, but we just stayed with the 4-3, moved Chuka down, and now we're just in there banging."
  • Look out for safety Ahmad Thomas. He has drawn rave reviews around the club, including from nickel back Julian Wilson: "Ah man, he's coming along great. I mean, he handled winter workouts like somebody who's been here for a couple years. I mean, he's a big thick guy. He's really in there making some plays."
  • Some other guys that have been singled out in the secondary as playing at a high level are Zack Sanchez, Cortez Johnson and Quentin Hayes, as well as the obvious in Aaron Colvin.
  • Colvin has continued to pull the defense along this spring: "Every year I'm just trying to focus on getting better. The goals that I've set for myself I have to get better in order to accomplish those, so our goals have allowed me to push myself to another level. And the coaches and the players have done a good job of pushing me as well."
  • Eric Striker has moved to the middle linebacker role, and that's seeming to work out really well for him.
  • Trey Metoyer and Durron Neal are getting praise from the defensive side of the ball as guys that have impressed offensively.

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