May 8 Q&A: Pitcher Jonathan Gray

NORMAN, Okla. — Sooner ace Jonathan Gray has been under the weather, but he should be fine by this weekend's Bedlam series, and he talks about that right now.

Q. You guys have a habit of turning that Bedlam series interesting no matter what. It seems like one of these teams comes out of a slump or gets hot or something to make it much, much bigger than it looks like two weeks earlier. Does that feel like now that's the case?

A. Yeah, it is. I mean, it's gonna be a really important series for us. It's gonna be a large crowd, a lot of energy and we gotta control our emotions and play the game. We'll be fine.

Q. How much of that all starts with you?

A. Well, the young guys look up to us because they've never been in a series like this with this many people and the crowd and as intense as it is. And I think we kind of have to set the tone and lead by example in these types of series.

Q. We haven't really had a chance to talk to you obviously since last weekend. How much of disappointment was it to go out there and lose that series considering what's at stake?

A. It's a big disappointment, but that's in the past now. We need to learn from our mistakes and just look forward to the next couple series and hope we can clinch.

Q. Kind of back on the point of it starts with you, with the uncertainty of how the rotation's been the last few weeks, how crucial is your role every Friday night now?

A. It's important for me to definitely just keep limiting runs, you know, controlling what I can control and let our offense take care of the rest. And, you know, especially on Friday games if you can shut a team down, it gives them less of a chance to hit the next couple days. I mean, it kind of gets them down altogether.

Q. It just kind of demoralizes them?

A. Right. Right.

Q. [Andrew] Haney really did that to you guys last year. Do you feel like you're capable of doing that to them?

A. I feel like I am, yes. I feel like I am this year especially after being through last year. I think I have a better chance now.

Q. What do you know about them, playing, pitching in that series you didn't know last year?

A. Well, I've never been in the atmosphere before [until last year]. I've never been to a Bedlam game, but it's just being there—it gave me a lot of, I guess, like insight toward it. So, I mean, I'm pretty comfortable with it now. I've figured out about myself the bigger the crowd is, the better I am.

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