May 17 Q&A: First baseman Matt Oberste

NORMAN, Okla. — Sooner first baseman Matt Oberste caught up with the media briefly before heading to Manhattan, and SI has the complete interview.

Q. Now everything comes down to this last weekend of the season?

A. Yeah, you know, we started out good and we put a lot of pressure on us these last few weeks losing a few series. And, I mean, we still have a chance to do it. You know, we gotta go in and sweep, but we're just trying to get into the championship right now. So, we're just going to try and win the series and if we get a sweep and win the Big 12, then that will just be extra.

Is there any concern, the fact that you guys haven't swept anybody since TCU?

A. No. There's no concern. I mean, this is baseball. Anything can happen. There's been some crazy things happen in the past, and, I mean, I feel like something's going to happen this weekend.

Q. You guys, K-State, they've been the best offensive club in the Big 12 all year. Are you guys prepared to go up there and maybe have to win a slugfest?

A. I think we are. You know, our bats have been cold here lately. You know, they were pretty hot at the first of the season, but they can come back at any time. We expect that, and our pitchers, I think, are good enough to go in there and, I think, keep their bats quiet. So, I mean, especially John [Gray] and [Dillon] Overton is coming back and we have some good pitchers in the bullpen, I feel like.

Q. On that note, you guys have had to fight back in almost every game for the past couple weeks. Only again, I think, two of the last nine have been [not comebacks]. Are you not really concerned, but confident in [being] able to come from behind?

A. We are a little concerned, but we're trying to put it behind us. You know, it's in the past. We've been working hard the past two weeks on trying to get our bats back in the groove and get our pitchers throwing strikes again. I mean, we've been working hard all week, so I think we'll be fine this weekend.

Q. Even with how bad the past two weeks have been, is it kind of reassuring knowing going into this weekend you guys have a lot that is in your hands and you guys have a lot of control over what happens as far as the Big 12 goes?

A. Yeah, I think we do. You know, I mean, they're leading the Big 12 right now, so, I mean, it would seem like they got a lot to lose and we don't. But, you know, it's the same for both of us. We both have a lot to lose. So, going in there we're both gonna have a chip on our shoulders, so, I mean, we're gonna go in there and do our best.

Q. Mentally do you guys have to prepare like this weekend is the start of your postseason almost?

A. Yeah, I mean, we got to prepare like that. But on the other hand, we gotta go in there just like every other series, like it's the first series in the Big 12. You know, we can't just like focus on sweeping or anything. We gotta go in there and just try to win the series like we did at the first of the year.

How important is scoring runs early for you guys?

A. It'll probably be real important, but especially for our pitchers. You know, some of them it's all mental for them. So, you know, if we can get them some runs early, it'll protect them and help them out pitching wise. And, I mean, it just gives us confidence early to keep the lead and go get some more runs when we need them.

--The OU Daily's Jono Greco contributed to this interview

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