OU film review: Week 1

Some plays resonate more than others. In OU's game against ULM, there were some that explained why the game turned out the way it did.

Every play matters but some stick out more than others. Each week Sooners Illustrated will look at the five plays that stood out in Oklahoma's performance.

Play No. 1: Knight incomplete pass to Reynolds

On OU's second drive of the game, offensive coordinator Josh Heupel wanted to take a risk. Redshirt freshman Trevor Knight threw a beautiful deep ball to Jaz Reynolds. It was in Reynolds' hands, but he couldn't corral it for what would have been a nice completion.

If this play had worked, we might be talking differently about Knight's passing performance. It was a nice ball put in a spot where only Reynolds could make a play. He didn't this time around. Knight finished 11 of 28 for 86 yards and three touchdowns and an interception. Reynolds had one catch.

Play No. 2: Williams grinds out first down run

When it happened, media members in the press box were already circling it. The Sooners faced third-and-2 early in the second quarter. Knight handed the ball off too senior running back Damien Williams who was absolutely bottled up at the line of scrimmage. But Williams managed to fight and claw for three yards and the first down.

The game was still scoreless at this point, and the Sooners would have had to punt without this crucial run. Eight plays later, Knight found Jalen Saunders for the first of their two touchdowns, and the OU offense was on its way to finding its groove.

Play No. 3: Lynn delivers the wood

Cannot talk about this game without talking about the performance of the defense. The pressure was solid throughout the night, linebackers were flying everywhere and the coverage was top notch. Great night for the defense epitomized by Gabe Lynn's big hit in the third quarter.

ULM was trying to get something started in the third with a short completion, but Lynn delivered one of his trademark hits. Even better for OU coaches was it was legal. With the emphasis on targeting, Lynn did a great job of leading with his shoulder and not his helmet.

Play No. 4: ULM fake punt denied

Not sure if it was designed or ULM punter Justin Manton simply saw something in the design that made him believe it could happen, but it was a bad decision for the Warhawks. Facing a fourth-and-7 at the ULM 15 yard line late in the third quarter, Manton rolled out as he had for previous punts. He tucked it and ran, and it fooled nobody. Brennan Clay made the stop well short of the first down.

OU was already up 20-0 at this point, but this play put the Warhawks in a horrible position going forward. In fact, it only took OU one play to capitalize.

Play No. 5: Knight to Saunders for their second touchdown of night

Chalk this one up to Heupel as it was the perfect play call for the abilities of both Knight and Jalen Saunders. Following the failed fake punt by ULM, OU went for the jugular. With all the movement on the play going to the left side, Knight rolled out to the right and found Saunders coming across the field. Wide open, touchdown.

This was a nice confidence booster for Knight and for Saunders. The execution wasn't always there in game one, but this was executed perfectly. Knight said after the game this play was his favorite one of the night.

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