Lynn has put disappointments behind him

In a tight race, who won the vote as OU's biggest surprise on defense through three games this season?

With Oklahoma on one of its bye weeks, Sooners Illustrated wanted to give its readers a chance to weigh in on who has been the biggest surprise on offense and defense through three games for the Sooners.

Thursday was the offense. Now it's time for the defense.

My pick and readers' pick: We're in agreement on this one. Everybody knew Gabe Lynn was going to start at safety. He's a senior. He has experience. He'll be out there to keep the seat warm before freshman Hatari Byrd takes over.

Byrd might have to wait just a little bit longer than we all thought. Lynn has been exceptional through the first fourth of the season. The numbers have been solid, but the leadership has been something that can't be quantified.

Lynn has become the quarterback of the defense from the safety spot and has figured out the defense. He knows why he's lined up at a spot, and he knows why his teammates should be in certain positions.

Lynn recorded his first career interception against West Virginia and recovered a fumble in being named the Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week.

He followed that up with an interception against Tulsa before getting kicked in the head on his return. He is expected to play at Notre Dame.

Lynn was known as a big hitter who blew his coverages left and right the last couple of seasons. Lynn has shored up those coverage issues. As for hitting, yeah, Lynn still has that area covered, too.

Breaking it down

Gabe Lynn 72 votes

Charles Tapper 46 votes

Jordan Phillips 27 votes

Other (Zack Sanchez) 12 votes

Quentin Hayes 6 votes

Frank Shannon 1 vote

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