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Don't forget about me

Seriously, there are so many top-rated recruits visiting OU this weekend that you might forget a couple of these guys.

Two that stand out are Jenks (Okla.) High four-star safety Steven Parker and Rowlett (Texas) High three-star defensive tackle Cedric Johnson.

Parker is making his second trip to an OU home game this season, and it's vital coming off of last weekend as Parker made an unofficial visit to Arkansas.

He said he loved his trip to see the Razorbacks and the loss to Texas A&M doesn't mean anything at all in terms of his recruitment.

But as has been the case throughout his recruitment, a visit to another school is almost always countered by a return trip to see the Sooners.

That's the scenario once again this weekend. Don't believe anything has changed with Parker, but it will be interesting if he gets caught up in the emotion of what should be a memorable weekend for OU if everything comes together the way it has on paper so far.

If you're asking for who is the most likely to commit, the smart thinking has got to be Johnson. OU defensive line coach Jerry Montgomery is starting to become selective at defensive tackle, but it's obvious Johnson has made the cut.

In talking to Johnson last week, you could tell he is paying a lot of attention to what is happening right now with the Sooners. That's always a good sign because it shows just how interested he is.

With Oklahoma State and Baylor sort of backing off, it's down to Baylor and OU right now for Johnson. If he wants to end the race, he certainly could pick this weekend to do it.

Making an unofficial visit and bringing along his mother, which is key because he said he won't make a decision without the approval of his family.

If she's there and likes it, the dominoes could fall and OU could have its second defensive tackle commit.

Quick to finally see campus

It's really going to happen. Fresno (Calif.) Central five-star prospect Michiah Quick is going to see OU's campus this weekend.

This has been a sore spot lately because of all the times a potential visit has been talked about only to fall apart at the last second. Not this time around, said Fresno Central defensive backs coach Tony Perry.

But if you're hoping for some commitment, don't hold your breath.

"He hasn't really narrowed it down yet," Perry said. "The process isn't tough for him, but he's still keeping an open mind toward everything."

Quick's visit will be his first official visit of the season. Trips to Alabama and Notre Dame have already been set, while schools like UCLA and Oregon continue to be in the hunt.

He's not coming alone as four-star defensive tackle teammate Tashon Smallwood is also making his first official visit. Again, Perry believes a commitment won't happen.

"He's going to wait," Perry said. "He has been doing really good here lately. He was injured early, but he's at full strength now."

Perry said Arizona State and California are among the other schools in contention for Smallwood. The Sooners obviously have a couple of aces up their sleeve with freshmen Hatari Byrd and L.J. Moore, former teammates of Smallwood and Quick.

Byrd is also Quick's cousin, but it's not family ties that will sway Quick. It's something else.

"He really likes Bob Stoops and Mike Stoops a lot," Perry said. "And Hatari and L.J. – they're both getting treated right. They're real happy."

The question regarding OU has been whether or not Quick is more suited to be a wide receiver or cornerback. Quick has accounted for 10 touchdowns this season, and Perry said it doesn't really matter because he can make a difference at both positions.

Perry said he could envision a scenario where Quick plays receiver and nickelback to go along with being a kick returner. Sounds a little crazy, but Perry wouldn't back down.

"There's going to be problems for whoever gets him. He's going to create problems," Perry said. "That dude is going to be good. He's the best high school kid I've coached. Nobody can touch him."

Perry said Quick battled an ankle injury throughout the summer. During all the summer all-star camps, Quick wasn't 100 percent and ran a 4.5 in the 40-yard dash.

Perry said Quick is healthy now and really liking what he's seeing from the Sooners during the first third of the season.

"It's helping a lot the way the team is playing," Perry said. "They have good, young quarterbacks that are going to be there if Michiah was there. It's a quality program, quality."

OU was one of the first schools to offer Smallwood and that sounds like could be a factor in OU's favor going forward.

Bond back in the picture

Most weekends hearing about an official visit from junior college linebacker Devante Bond would be the top story. Bond has been pushed down the chart a bit this week, but he said he is definitely coming this weekend.

Bond has planned an official visit to Nebraska next month. Is it possible that visit won't happen because he will commit to OU this weekend?

"I can't say that right now," Bond said. "Right now I'm just going in to enjoy things. I want to get a feel of the campus and players and talk more with coach Stoops."

OU pursued Bond hard last summer when he was a Class of 2013 prospect. But the Sooners never pulled the trigger on an offer. If they had, things definitely might have been different.

After Bond committed to Miami (Fla.), he said OU linebackers coach Tim Kish got back in the mix and tried to get him to reconsider. By that time, it was too late, and he was going to be a Hurricane.

"I was definitely interested, but it was just too late at that point," Bond said. "It was about what the team needed at that point, and I think they were still trying to get everything under control, too."

Bond knows he missed out on an opportunity at Miami. The Hurricanes wanted him for this season, and it just couldn't happen because of an academics credits issue.

It has been an interesting semester for Bond. Unable to play football, all Bond is doing is taking a couple of classes and hitting the weight room over and over.

"It's not a good feeling not being out on the field," Bond said. "One good thing is my body feels better than it has ever felt. You get banged up. I'm fully recovered and bigger and faster and stronger than I've ever been."

Bond doesn't have a problem admitting it now, but he said he was worried about OU's defensive scheme for linebackers last season. He knows now that's not an issue.

The 3-3-5 defense fits what Bond likes to do, and he said he's enjoying watching the Sooners defense put in work right now and was pumped to get the offer last month.

"That's one of the big things about why I'm so excited," Bond said. "I fit way better in this defense than last year. I love the tradition. Coach Kish has coached a few of my teammates in the past. I have a good relationship with Coach Kish, and I know I'll be taken care of if I pick OU."

To go along with Nebraska, Bond said Arizona State and California are two other schools showing consistent interest.

Carter under the radar no more

You want another quality choice for a commitment this weekend? Go with Dallas Pinkston defensive end Trey Carter, who is making his first visit to OU's campus this weekend.

Carter, who is 6-foot-4 and 250 pounds, has been coveted by TCU for a long time, and he said earlier this week it's sort of a battle of his top two schools. Let the best team win.

How we got to this point is interesting, though. Carter was going to a small school in Shreveport, La., before moving to Dallas this summer. He was actually a nose guard at his school in Louisiana, so he knew it would be quite an adjustment moving to end this year.

"My dad told me if you're as good as you think you are, then it won't be that tough of an adjustment," Carter said. "He said I'm going to be recruited from everywhere now."

That's exactly what has happened, but the Horned Frogs and Sooners were there before the move happened. Carter put on a show at TCU's camp, impressing TCU coach Gary Patterson to earn the offer.

With OU defensive line coach Jerry Montgomery, it took a little more time. Montgomery started approaching Carter in the spring but didn't make the offer until a couple of weeks ago as Carter is proving the adjustment hasn't been a problem.

Carter camped at TCU, Oklahoma State, Arkansas and Texas A&M this summer. Did OU just slip through the cracks?

"Yeah, that was my fault," Carter said. "I didn't get in touch with the coaches about the camp. But that's OK, everything is working out now."

Carter said he is talking to Montgomery at least once or twice a week at this point. The OU offer was definitely an eye-opener.

"If OU is going to offer me, that really means a lot," Carter said. "It was a big surprise. I've got all these schools recruiting me, and OU is definitely at the top there."

The only reason why a commitment doesn't feel inevitable is because Carter will not be there with his father. He said he won't any decision with his family's support, and his father will have to attend the funeral of a family friend.

The plan is for Carter to commit at the end of his season, but he knows things can change. OU, TCU, Arizona State, North Texas and Tulane are showing the most interest.

OU, Williams moving on?

For the last couple of weeks it looked like a big name coming to campus was Lufkin (Texas) High three-star defensive tackle D.J. Williams.

But Williams made it clear Monday it's not OU he's going to this weekend – it's Kansas.

"I'm visiting KU this weekend," Williams said. "I'm very excited about it."

Williams was hopeful to visit OU this summer for camp but was unable to make the trip and sounds like the trip just might not happen.

Miami, KU and Missouri are showing consistent interest, but he said the Sooners have backed off. He hasn't heard from OU in a while.

He has no favorites between Miami, KU and Missouri and hopes to visit all three schools. Things can change, but it sounds like Montgomery and OU are looking in other directions right now.

There have been some academic concerns for Williams. Not saying that's the main reason why, but Montgomery appears to be looking at other recruits before he takes another look at Williams.

Todd has to wait

A lot of official visits this weekend have come as a surprise but that wasn't supposed to be the case for La Mirada (Calif.) High four-star receiver commit Dallis Todd.

Todd, pledged to the Sooners since April, has had this visit locked in for months. However, receivers coach Jay Norvell told him it would be better for him to stay home and take care of his business.

"I have the SAT on Saturday," Todd said. "I'm going to visit for the Texas Tech game now. Coach Norvell wants me to try to take it again and get a higher score."

Not sure if that means his first score wasn't great or if they just want to leave no doubt at all regarding his testing scores, but it's a little disappointing for OU to not have Todd there.

With so many California kids making the visit, Todd is the only one who has a personal connection with some of them and is also committed to OU.

"A lot of Cali kids are going, but it doesn't bother me," Todd said. "It's tough, but it's not tough because I know I'm going to make my visit later in the year."

La Mirada ended its six-game losing streak last week. Todd said the team came out with a chip on its shoulder after being intimidated during the first part of the season.

And regarding his OU commitment, no reason to panic. Schools keep chiming in and trying to get him to change. It won't happen.

Ole Miss sent him more than 20 letters last week. UCLA and Nebraska keep at it, too, said Todd. Again, it doesn't matter.

"I'm 100 percent Sooner," Todd said. "I have people asking you sure you still committed? UCLA wants you. I'm just like c'mon already. I'm good."

What wasn't good was seeing the OU offense in the first couple of games. He was a little concerned the Sooners might become a pure running team. Seeing what Blake Bell has done in the last couple of games, though, has eased his fears.

"I feel good about everything again," Todd said.

Todd won't be there, but there's one visitor he has been trying to recruit, and he knows his buddy is ready for the trip.

"Joe Mixon. I text him a lot," Todd said. "He's very excited about this OU trip. It's a big trip for him."

Barnett enjoys first game

OU is loaded with top Class of 2014 visitors, but the Sooners are hopeful Lawton (Okla.) High offensive lineman Jalin Barnett can make the trip to represent 2015 recruits.

Barnett, No. 41 in the Scout 300, made an unofficial visit for OU's first home game this season and was blown away by the experience.

"That trip was amazing," Barnett said. "Me and my family had a great time. It was my first college game ever. It was crazy. It was amazing."

Barnett would like to make trip No. 2 this weekend for the TCU showdown, but it's homecoming this weekend. He's not sure if he'll be able to make it.

Lawton coach Randy Breeze said UCLA started asking about Barnett last week. Barnett said Texas A&M is starting to send him more info and call about him. It's obvious things are going to be crazy for Barnett. He doesn't mind.

"It has been fun so far," Barnett said. "I'm pretty happy about being patient and just seeing how things go."

If Barnett does make the trip, it would be his sixth trip to OU since the spring. He has visited for spring practice, the spring game, summer camp, preseason practice and the first game of the season.

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