OU film review: Game 6, Part II

The second half of plays that helped illustrate why Texas won the Red River Rivalry.

Every play matters but some stick out more than others. Each week Sooners Illustrated will look at the five plays that stood out in Oklahoma's performance. This week it's OU's 36-20 loss to Texas in the Red River Rivalry. And this is Part II of the series.

Play No. 6: Finch ignites spark

Texas had built up a 20-3 lead late in the first half when OU senior Roy Finch did something about it. Taking the kick off at the goal line, Finch does what he usually does when he has the ball in his hands. He made something happen.

Finch returned it 73 yards and put a little life in the Cotton Bowl with OU fans. The Sooners kept it on the ground five straight times for the other 27 yards to punch it in and cut the deficit to 20-10 with 58 seconds left in the half.

Play No. 7: Bell finds Millard down the middle

Texas took a 23-10 lead into half, but the Sooners got the ball first to start the second half. A touchdown would have made things a lot more interesting.

And it looked probable when Blake Bell connected with Trey Millard for a 29-yard gain to put the Sooners inside Texas' 30 yard line.

It was one of the few times OU successfully stretched the field, but the Sooners couldn't do it with wide receivers all game. The Sooners added three more with a field goal, but a touchdown was needed.

Play No. 8: Johnson's electrifying return

It wasn't enough for Texas to have a defensive touchdown. No, the Longhorns weren't done yet. OU had a fourth-and-nine at OU's 43. But a delay of game penalty pushed it back five yards and allowed Daje Johnson to bust the game open.

OU punter Jed Barnett kicked it 47 yards, and the Sooners' first wave of defenders were there. But once Johnson got by them, there was nothing but green grass for him to sprint virtually untouched for the 85-yard touchdown.

The Sooners needed to make a statement, but it was Texas that came up with the big play.

Play No. 9: Bell's second interception

If there was a play that epitomized this game, it was Bell's second interception. Texas was now up 29-13. It wasn't desperation mode yet, but the Sooners needed to score.

Bell had time to throw, but he started to backpedal. He didn't set his feet and threw off his back foot. The ball floated right into the arms of Texas's Duke Thomas.

The other part of the play was the look of pure frustration on wide receiver Jalen Saunders' face. He was open for the first down and couldn't hide his emotion of what a tough and terrible day it was for Bell and his top receivers.

Play No. 10: Bell sacked one last time

The game was decided. The Longhorns were up 36-20, but OU was trying to make a late push. But nothing was going right this day for the Sooners.

OU had to a delay of game penalty on fourth down, and Texas' Jackson Jeffcoat registered his second sack and dashed OU's hope of a perfect season.

The Sooners never saw the ball again as Texas ran off the final 5:14 on its drive to conclude the upset victory.

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