SI Take 3: Replacing Millard

Looking at replacing Millard, the depth of the team and Baylor's offense in this week's Take 3.

Every Monday afternoon during the football season OU coach Bob Stoops has his weekly press conference. Sooners Illustrated will give you the three most important things to take from the session.

Bye week (at No. 6 Baylor on Nov. 7)

Take No. 1: No easy answer to replacing Millard

Less than 48 hours later, there's not much more left to be said for Oklahoma in trying to replace senior fullback Trey Millard.

Millard tore his ACL in the fourth quarter of OU's win Saturday night. Stoops said he doesn't have the answers right now because it's something he'll have to discuss with the offensive coaches throughout the week.

"He's such a strong important part of the team," Stoops said. "As a leader, person, player. It will be challenging to work around all the things Trey did."

With Millard out, OU relied on tight end Brannon Green to carry some of that blocking load. It worked out well in the fourth quarter, and Stoops knows Green will be expected to do more for the Sooners.

"He will have to have more of a role now," Stoops said. "He's a guy that works hard, and he has good hands."

A lot of the talk has been swirling about how the offense will look different. Stoops made special mention about the loss of Millard on special teams.

"He has been our best guy on special teams the last three years," Stoops said.

No matter how you slice it, a huge challenge is ahead for OU in trying to duplicate the contributions Millard brought to the team.

Take No. 2: Shannon, Reynolds should be good to go

Millard wasn't the only injury concern coming into this week. Senior wide receiver Jaz Reynolds didn't play last week and linebacker Frank Shannon was injured in the first quarter and didn't play the rest of the game.

Stoops said he believes both will be OK. Shannon was a scary situation. Stoops said it was initially thought when Shannon went to the hospital that it was a spleen issue. But after evaluation, Stoops said it looks like a deep tissue bruise and he should be OK.

There is no question about Reynolds as Stoops said he will be back to practicing this week. Stoops said Trey Franks did a good job at receiver and will stay there the rest of the season.

"We are going to keep Trey on offense," Stoops said. "He wasn't in a position to do as much defensively as some of the young guys have come along. Feel like he can contribute more on offense."

Stoops also praised Jordan Evans for the job he did replacing Shannon. The freshman had eight tackles.

Take No. 3: Baylor not complicated but very effective

All the talk will be geared toward the showdown at sixth-ranked Baylor for next week's press conference, but Stoops did talk some about the Bears this week.

"They have so much speed and the way they space you," Stoops said. "A lot of times it's not real complicated, but they execute well."

Baylor quarterback Bryce Petty has thrown for 18 touchdowns and the Bears also have the top two wide receivers in the conference.

And don't forget about running back Lache Seastrunk, who has rushed for 869 yards and 11 touchdowns.

"They space you out so far, but then they have such a great running back," Stoops said. "He can run through you, run by you. A big part of the challenge will be to be in position to tackle him."

The Sooners will have a few more days of practice to get ready for that challenge. OU is going to practice through Wednesday this week and then resume practicing Saturday and Sunday as if it were a regular Monday and Tuesday of game week.

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